Nancy Cox


Hometown? Campbellsville


Favorite Hobby? Singing


Most embarrassing on-screen moment? I can't think of one major embarrassment (thankfully) but there have been a lot of little moments you wish you could have back. The first that comes to mind is last year at the Derby, my hat blew off revealing my hat hair!


Celebrity Crush? George Clooney


Favorite Book? The Thornbirds


Favorite Movie? The Shawshank Redemption


 Nancy Cox 

Education? Western Kentucky University


Three items on a deserted island? Chocolate... one of the books I never have time to read... soap.


Music on your iPod? Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, The Commodores, Carrie Underwood


How did you get started in TV? I never feared public speaking. It was my strongest area in school. Since I was terrible at math and science, I started looking for careers to make the most of my talent. One visit to a newsroom and I was hooked! I'm doing what I've always wanted to do.


Favorite part of your job? The daily variety. You never get bored in news. I also love being right in the middle of what everyone's talking about such as the Derby, the hiring of Coach Calipari, etc. And even when the news is bad, I view it as a public service to help people get through hard times or tough situations by providing them information to help them cope with whatever is happening and to make good decisions. Keeping people informed is very satisfying to me.


Coolest place you have traveled? The Virgin Islands


Family? My husband, Tom Kenny, and I have the ambitious task of trying to raise a family with both parents in the news business. Our schedules make everyday life very challenging at times. But we're trying to model for our children a strong work ethic, dedication to a career you love, professionalism and fun in our work. Thomas is 11 and starting middle school this Fall. Campbell is 5 and starting kindergarten.


Favorite thing about the Derby? When the horses are going to the post and "My Old Kentucky Home" is played. I cry every year.


Something surprising about you? I am from a family of ten children. I am 9th in the birth order.


 Dia Davidson


Dia Davidson


Hometown? Philadelphia, PA


Favorite Hobby? Travel, collecting international dolls and art.


Most embarrassing on-screen moment? I lost my breath when I came back on camera, after running to the bathroom during a commercial break


Celebrity Crush? Denzel Washington!


Favorite Book? The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran


Favorite Movie? The Way We Were


Education? BA, University of Georgia; Master's in Journalism, Temple University


Who would you most want to meet? Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; she had such style, grace, elegance and culture.


Three items on a deserted island? My husband says I take everything in the house for a weekend trip, so I would say my Bible, matches, and a picture of my family. My Bible because there is everything needed to live, and stories about every life experience.


Music on your iPod? Just got one .... R&B, Smooth Jazz


How did you get started in TV? A VP for S. Carolina Educational TV offered me the opportunity to report/produce/anchor a 30-min. educational program in S. Carolina called Brainwaves. I won a NEA award for this program and learned many lessons on the broadcast industry from some really talented and special people.


Favorite part of your job? Hearing the stories, having the privilege to meet the people who watch and connecting with kids.


Coolest place you have traveled? Living in Ghana, W. Africa for a year and completing my 1st year of school there.


Family? I'm married to Raymond Smith, VP at Community Trust Bank. We are looking forward to having our own children. I'm an only child, so, I hope we have at least two. Mother is a retired University Professor and my Dad is retired Marine and Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy. My "baby" right now is my 10 year old Pekingese, Chiang Mei Lei


Favorite thing about the Derby? The outfit, especially the hat!!


Something surprising about you? I'm a really great cook!


 Kristen Pflum


Kristen Pflum


Hometown? Indianapolis, IN


Favorite Hobby? Bargain shopping! Almost all of my shopping is done for my little munchkin.


Most embarrassing on-screen moment? I'll never forget interviewing Gene Simmons and the Tweed sisters LIVE on the red carpet at Derby. It got really awkward when he all but asked me to go home with them! I think I responded, "Nancy, back to you."


Celebrity Crush? I don't have one...REALLY, I DON'T!


Favorite Book? Without Remorse by Tom Clancy


Favorite Movie? I get made fun of when I say Karate Kid II, so I'll go with Love Actually.


Education? DePauw University


Who would you most want to meet? My great-grandfather. I've heard he was an amazing person!


Three items on a deserted island? iPod, a collection of fashion magazines and chocolate!


Music on your iPod? Too much to fit on here! A little bit of everything.


How did you get started in TV? I fell into broadcasting. In college I did a short stint on the radio, but switched to TV when someone told me I should give it a shot. Eventually, I landed an internship at the NBC station in Ft. Myers, FL and was on a mission to make it in the business after that!


Favorite part of your job? The variety! You never know where the news is going to take you...or who you'll meet!


Coolest place you have traveled? Hands down...AUSTRALIA!


Family? They are my rock! My dad is inspiring, my mother supportive, my sister AN ABSOLUTE BLESSING and my little brother keeps me smiling. I often joke I'm a single mother with two boys; a toddler and a 30-year old! It's a crazy life at the Jared house, but I wouldn't trade it for the world! Bryan is an amazing father, husband, and role model to our son Colton, who is destined to be a ROCKSTAR. Or maybe a firefighter ;)


Favorite thing about the Derby? The pageantry of it all! The glitz and glamour, the celebrities! Of course, I get to see the best of the best since I'm the red carpet reporter on Derby day. What a tough gig ;)


Something surprising about you? I'm nearly 6 feet tall! And, I look strikingly similar to my little sister, Tops TV star Danielle.


 Mary Jo Perino


Mary Jo Perino


Hometown? Alexandria, MN


Favorite Hobby? I love singing karaoke and cooking.


Most embarrassing on-screen moment? I've had so many, like when I constantly said Calipari wrong! But I think the most embarrassing would be when I did the "robot" on the air.


Celebrity Crush? Kid Rock, Sawyer from ‘Lost' and Paul Rudd


Favorite Book? There's a Monster at the End of this Book (I have a 3 year old so those are the only books I read!).


Favorite Movie? Dumb and Dumber


Education? University of Missouri, Broadcast Journalism Major


Three items on a deserted island? A 52" high def TV (assuming I could get cable), A Qdoba restaurant, and my son Sam... not necessarily in that order!


Music on your iPod? I'm one of the last people in the world who doesn't have an ipod!


How did you get started in TV? It had always been my dream since my dad worked at a TV station when I was three years old. I didn't know I would always be in sports, but it's ended up being the best thing for me!


Favorite part of your job? Getting a front row seat to the football and basketball games!
Coolest place you have traveled?. I love Paris; I've been there five times and I would go back in a heartbeat!


Family? I am married to Steve Mitchell and we have one son, Sam, who is absolutely the light of our lives. I have two younger sisters, one's a 2nd grade teacher in Minnesota, the other is a salesperson in Florida. My parents summer in Minnesota and winter in Florida. My father owns a movie theater... free movies for as long as I can remember!


Favorite thing about the Derby? I love the pageantry, I love the celebrities, but my favorite thing about the Derby are the stories behind each horse, each trainer, each jockey and each owner.


Something surprising about you? As much as I love sports, I am terrible playing them! I used to be a decent golfer, but in high school I was the MANAGER of the girls basketball team-that's how bad I was!


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