So you finally found the perfect man. He’s everything you ever hoped for and his actions make it evident that he feels the same. Granted, it’s only been one month and twelve days since you swore off love forever, after “Jerk Jeff ” things didn’t go so well with Jeff… or John… or Anthony… or Matthew… or Jeremy… or Frank … or Rocco… You are genuinely perplexed by how naive you were in each of those relationships when, in retrospect, the signs were painfully obvious.
You consider yourself a very bright woman, make a good living and despite it all, your friends think you have an otherwise great head on your shoulders. But when it comes to men, you are a horrid judge of character. In an effort to prove to yourself and those around you that you understand the severity of your rock bottom, you hosted a "Hey, I'm Single and Happy" party. Everyone you invited attended, bearing plants and gifts as a gesture of their belief in the new you. Your mother had tears of joy in her eyes. But little did you know, only two short days later, fate would have its way and you would meet the true love of your life. Steve.
Steve is the lead guitar player for a new band in town called DEVIL'S ANGEL and is without question, the best looking man you have ever seen. You have never been attracted to tattoos before, but those are no ordinary arms. Every woman at the bar was throwing herself at Steve all night long, but it was you who caught his eye. It was a soul mate connection. Suddenly, you could no longer hear the music as everything was muffled and in slow motion. The man with the beautiful dragon tattoo looked you straight in the eyes, hit a strong, hard chord on the guitar and held it out for several long seconds as he mouthed, “iiiiii thhhhhiiiinkkkkk iiiiii looooovvvvve yooooouuuu…”. And your heart melted.
His ex-girlfriend was no peach and it was s good thing you ducked in time or the beer bottle she threw would have hit you directly in the forehead. Several days later, Steve assured you that Darla promised to stop calling and following him since the restraining order. Being an independent woman, you really don't mind paying the bill when you and Steve go out on dates, because when his band finally makes it big, you will have a mansion on a hill and be the envy of all! Steve is worth all of those sacrifices because you have waited so long for a man who is so thoughtful and constant. He always takes the time to call you after his gigs and sings new songs that he wrote just for you. It is not only sweet, but usually quite entertaining because even though the beer makes him forget most of the words, he is so talented he just makes up new words! You love to watch him sleep as you head off to work, laying his perfect head on your pillow, dreaming away. Perhaps the sweetest thing he has done in the nearly two months that you have been together was to bring you a big beautiful red poinsettia. You saw him pull his car over and sneak the holiday plant from your neighbor's front porch. It was truly the most romantic thing you had ever experienced. 'How did I get so lucky?' you think to yourself.
So here you are on Christmas Eve, beaming with joy, walking up the driveway to the home where you grew up, hand in hand with the man of your dreams. Flinging open the door smiling ear to ear, you proudly exclaim, MERRY CHRISTMAS MOM, MEET STEVE!

Posted on 2013-11-29 by Buffy Lawson