As an outpatient dietitian at Central Baptist Hospital, Fran Bevins knows that eating well is key to overall wellness. “I believe that if we get the right amount of fitness and nutrition, we have found the safest and best way to health,” Fran explained. Fran enjoys lots of fruits and vegetables in her diet, aiming for 5 cups per day. She also has small amounts of fish and meat and eats enough carbs to keep her fueled, generally whole grains and high in fiber. She enjoys snacking on popcorn and fruit. And while she does occasionally enjoy a “sinful sweet”, Fran aims at maintaining overall health through a balanced diet.
In addition to her busy work schedule, Fran has two teenaged sons to keep up with and has served as a Boy Scout leader for 13 years and is also deacon at First Christian Church in Georgetown. Nevertheless, she makes fitness a priority.

Fran Bevins

Her favorite ways to work out include swimming, spinning, stability ball, Pilates, yoga, climbing, hiking, backpacking, tennis, weights and bicycling. Fran also enjoys seasonal ways to work out. In the spring until fall, Fran goes biking, both mountain and road. In the winter, Fran goes running and skiing, doing both telemarking and cross-country. She loves running early in the morning before work. She includes her son in bicycling, tennis and running to get to spend time with him while still getting fit. Fran completed the Bad to the Bone Duathon and the RJ Corman Duathlon.
For others, Fran recommends starting slowly. “It’s like how you eat an elephant,” Fran joked. “One bite at a time.” Fran has a pull up bar in a doorway of her home and anyone who walks under it has to do a pull up!
“Build on your own accomplishments, don’t compare yourself to others, compete against your own personal best, and keep positive.”

Posted on 2011-04-08 by Amanda Harper