TOP Design: Five Ways to Spruce Up Your Space . . . Sensibly

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tops in lex
Bright Pillows

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tops in lex
Fresh Paint

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Modern Sofa

tops in lex
Wall Art

Pillow Toss
Pillows are the easiest, fastest, and generally most affordable way to quickly transform a room.
They add color, pattern and texture to your favorite piece of accent furniture, giving it that spark needed to freshen up an otherwise dull space.Monochromatic groupings are also an easy fix. Incorporating pattern is great, but be cautious not use too many patterns, which may make the room feel dizzy. Personalize your space by embroidering your initials or home address onto a pillow in complimenting thread colors. Texture is most easily achieved in fabric choice. Soft linen, burlap, silk or even textured cotton are all great choices.Adding fringe, cording or piping are other great ways to achieve texture. Finally, mix up the sizes of your pillows for added visual interest.

 Bright PillowsWall ArtFresh PaintModern SofaFlowers

Thomas Crown Affair
No, don’t steal your art; swap it out with other pieces in your home.Just because “it’s always hung there” doesn’t mean it has to stay there.Like an art gallery, your home can be a moving exhibit every 6 months. Grouping artwork and photos in complimentary frames creates impact and makes a statement.
The Color Wheel
The most affordable way to change an entire space in a few hours is to paint it a new color. Color is found everywhere - your favorite hat, an old door, a piece of food, even a feather.Look “inside” the object to find the color you desire. Still can’t decide? Ask a design professional to help.
Don’t forget the “fifth wall”…your CEILING! A great choice for ceiling is 50% of the wall color, or a shade of the trim color. Either of these choices will allow for the proper shadow effect and glaring white ceilings won’t be the eyesore any more.
Look at Layers
No, not your hair, but your floor! Sisal, Shag, Wool and Cotton are all great choices to add interest to your space.Rugs can be purchased in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. Most often, you can work with your designer on customizing the perfect rug; however, if you’re looking for instant gratification, look for accent colors in your space.Choose one that has a bolder print for a statement, or an overall print for subtle blending.
Freshen Up
Fresh flowers are always a great way to freshen up a room, especially when guests are arriving. However, it can get pricey having fresh flowers brought in every day. Everyday artificial flowers are not what they used to be. Many flowers are so lifelike that your guests will try smelling them as they socialize around the kitchen. Pick a container that speaks to you.Have your designer or florist create something that can be easily switched out for seasons, or special occasions. Investing in artificial will save you money in the long run and give you a ‘fresh look year round.

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