Although Evan Trommer and his team have expanded the model, the original Village Host is where Evan had his first job 30 years ago. Evan started there as a cleaner. He worked his way up to night manager when he was in college. Evan has always wanted to start a restaurant of his own. In many ways, the business is in his blood; Evan’s grandfather ran a restaurant in the 30s and 40s in the financial district in New York (incidentally, Evan proposed to his wife in 1991 at the location where the restaurant once was--the World Trade Center.) After Evan sold the distribution business that he’d run for 22 years, he and his family decided it was time to jump in and live the dream. Village Host Pizza & Grill is located off Old Vine Street in Lexington. It offers pizza made from fresh ingredients as well as sandwiches and burgers served on fresh toasted rolls. The staff strives to make Village Host a great neighborhood bar and eatery. The relaxing environment is welcoming to family and friends while the convenient location makes it perfect for lunch or dinner. Evan believes that putting the customer first is the key to his success. He and the staff at Village Host do everything possible to treat every customer as if they’re the only customer. This has served them well in their first year of operation and is something that Evan knows will carry them to future success. Some of Village Host’s best business decisions were small add-ons that greatly improved the customer experience. Their salad bar is a big draw and a real crowd-pleaser. Their open-air bar has gotten a lot of thumbs ups, too. Little offerings can add up to a big appeal! Like every business, Village Host had a few bumps in the early days of operation. They once had a few patio umbrellas take flight in the Lexington wind and head down the street! Another night, the nitrogen ran out, leaving their beer taps out of order on a busy night. Clearly, Evan and the staff of Village Host have had some interesting experiences along the way. When he’s not working, Evan enjoys horse racing and hanging out at home with his wife and pets. Their sons (19 and 16) work at Village Host when they can, as well, making the restaurant a family affair. Evan says that he would like to open 9 more locations in the future. Evan says that he’d like to retire at 60, but suspects that he’ll quit working when he quits breathing.
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