Has your veil been passed down for generations? Is the brooch pinned to your bouquet a gift from Mom? Is your getaway dress an heirloom? What’s your something blue? I believe that these are the touches that set a wedding apart — the details that tell a love story.
Blogging about the big day seems to be an emerging trend that is popping up everywhere. When it comes to writing about your wedding day, there is no right answer or single approach. Some brides focus on finding the perfect theme, others let the many details weave together a bigger picture. The beauty of bridal is that every element matters, every piece of the puzzle is priceless. To paint a portrait of your big day, shed light on the major points; the venue, bridal party, vows; as well as the small, subtle ones; the lanterns strung in the trees, the DIY programs, the bracelet on your wrist. Your blog serves as a window into your life as a bride-to-be. When writing about your own planning process, it’s important to open up and let your personality shine; tell the tale of how you got engaged, what sparked your color palette, why you chose to exchange vows by the sea. Addressing these questions helps other brides-to-be recognize their breadth of options, as well as shows them how to make decisions and bring their vision to life.
What makes weddings so special is that the inspiration is endless. Brides love an idea that they can run with. Your creative ideas not only touch other brides, they inspire them to recreate these pieces in their own way. Another inspiration currently trending with brides is creating a brand for your special day. It could be anything from a simple monogram with personal flair or even an inventive pattern and design. This truly personalizes a wedding day and inspires innovative ideas.
The most important aspect to blogging about your big day is simply letting your blissful bridal moments sparkle. Inspire brides to let their personalities reign supreme. Unique details and personal preference will ignite imaginative thoughts and ideas to every reader you reach. After all, it’s all about you and the most important moment in your life! It’s obvious that no two weddings are quite the same, but what binds them together is a sense of creativity, charm, and yes, true love.

Posted on 2014-11-01 by Quinn Sherman