Bridesmaid dresses have gotten a bad reputation over the years with all the terrible bows, shiny fabrics and unflattering shapes, but the modern day bride will be pleasantly surprised when shopping to outfit her bridal party. Many fabulous bridesmaid designers have caught on to fashion trends and silhouettes and translated them very nicely into the bridesmaid world.
Brides are often faced with the daunting task of trying to fit many different body types. A trend for the past few years has been to choose a color and fabric and let each bridesmaid select the style they feel most comfortable in. Bridesmaid designers are making this a very easy option for brides. One suggestion I offer is to narrow down the choices to five or six options instead of giving them free reign of an entire collection. Some dresses blend together better than others and a bridal consultant can help you pull your vision together so everyone looks like they belong in the same bridal party. Most bridesmaids just want to please you, the bride, so they will often look to you for guidance and giving them twenty options can be overwhelming.
Another trend that is picking up in popularity is choosing a variety of colors in the same color palette. This must be done very carefully to make sure all of the colors mix well and one is not going to overpower the others, but the effect can be amazing! This usually works best with a softer color palette, but can work with bolder colors, too, if done correctly.
Style trends that will continue into 2012 are the one-shoulder look and also the very feminine, romantic details of ruffles and flower details. I also suggest brides take into consideration the style of their own gown when choosing the bridesmaid attire. The style of the wedding gown, along with the venue and time of year will also help in the narrowing down of style, fabric, and length. While short dresses are still the most popular, long dresses are making a comeback and will be seen more in 2012.
Shopping with the intent to dress your best friends can be overwhelming. While they are wearing it, you are the one that will look at the photos the rest of your life, so the bride must be happy! We suggest bringing one or two girls of different body types on your first shopping trip and the rest later. Relax and remember that whatever you choose will be gorgeous!

Posted on 2014-10-01 by Ty McBrayer