(NAPSI)—Consumers are proving that bigger is better—at least when it comes to home entertainment systems. According to a recent Nielsen survey, Americans are opting for TVs that approach home theater dimensions and, as a result, manufacturers are also thinking big. Such large screens enable consumers to enjoy 3D movies, blazing-fast gaming, interactive TV, and sports so lifelike you almost feel as if you are in the game. As a result, TV makers are gearing up for the bigger picture. For example, Mitsubishi manufactures the world’s largest mass-produced TVs, with screens that are affordable and up to four times larger than a typical 46-inch TV. The company’s large-screen lineup delivers a fully immersive, home theater−quality experience, excellent for HD and 3D.
New models include cinema-like DLP TVs ranging from 73 to 92 inches, along with the 75-inch LaserVue, the world’s only laser-powered TV, which Engadget called “The best-looking consumer-level set we have ever laid eyes on.”
Another prized feature is energy efficiency. The 75-inch LaserVue model is one of Energy Star’s most efficient TVs. It uses less energy than one 100-watt lightbulb.
The mammoth 92-inch 3D Home Cinema TV offers remarkably fast DLP technology for a more realistic, immersive 3D viewing experience. Mitsubishi pioneered 3D DLP technology for the home, the same technology currently used in most 3D movie theaters, which is considered the quality standard in 3D because of image speed and massive, immersive screen size.
The new Diamond 840 Series offers a range of enhancements and upgrades. Its Clear Contrast Screen delivers deep blacks, bright whites and millions of colors in between. Equally impressive is the integrated 16-speaker Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound system. When it’s paired with a wireless subwoofer, consumers can enjoy an audio system that’s like 3D for the ears. Each offers iPhone, iPod touch and iPad remote control applications, available free in the iTunes store. These remote apps give consumers wireless control of TVs, allowing users to change basic TV menus, switch TV sources, control multiple TVs in the home and adjust audio and video settings.
You can also find features that include wireless Internet capabilities that provide instant access to an extensive library of online entertainment and social media content.
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Posted on 2014-01-27 by NAPSI