(NAPSI)—Homeowners don’t have to be in the dark when it comes to avoiding common lighting mistakes. Here are several examples and tips on how to avoid them:
• Not installing landscape lighting. With the proper lighting, your home can look even more dramatic at night than during the daytime, have greater security and increase its value.
• Choosing the wrong-sized lighting fixtures. Take the width of the room, add it to the length of the room, turn that measurement from feet to inches—that is a good approximation of how wide the fixture should be. Also, make sure the bottom of your dining room fixture is 30” off the table.
• Not using a dimmer. Lighting controls have several advantages over on/off switches—starting with savings. A $20 dimmer pays for itself within the first year.
Videos detailing these and other common mistakes—and how to avoid them—are available on the Capitol Lighting website at www.1800lighting.com/mistakes.

Posted on 2014-01-27 by NAPSI