(NAPSI)—When it comes to the bathroom, there are simple, stylish and budget-friendly ways to creatively dress it up. From the shower curtain to hooks or even your toilet paper, paying special attention to these seemingly ordinary, everyday objects is an easy way to make any bathroom an oasis. Lifestyle and interior decoration pro Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan of Apartment Therapy has teamed up with the Cottonelle brand to share creative tips on how people can make the most of their bathroom. After all, Maxwell is devoted to helping people make their homes beautiful, organized and healthy—including the bathroom. For some fresh ideas, see Maxwell’s favorite tips below.
• Long Is Luxurious. Make your bathroom look more elegant by making your shower curtain taller. Move your shower curtain bar up—right below the ceiling—and install an extra-long shower curtain (or make your own). By closing the gap between shower curtain top and ceiling, you’ll eliminate an unsightly view and give the feeling of luxury and more space with taller walls.
• Swap Your Hooks. Towel hooks are easy to find and replace, but they are usually boring. Go shopping for some cheap, vintage hooks of different shapes and sizes, paint them all the same color and then hang them in a nice straight line. The detail and “collection” quality will make a big impact—even if they’re covered with towels.
• Flowers Always Impress. Fresh flowers in the bathroom OR even just ONE flower in a small vase on the bathroom sink or back of the toilet will make the room fresh and festive.
• Roll Covers. Even small necessities, like your toilet paper, deserve storage in a modern roll cover. Just like how people care for their cotton swabs by storing them in a stylish container, people can care for their Cottonelle Clean Care toilet paper like never before with a modernized roll cover.
• Go with Color. Shower curtains and towels were made to carry colors and you can change your bathroom in minutes by coordinating and changing the colors here. Maxewell’s favorite lately? Deep brown towels and hand towels with a linen shower curtain. The Cottonelle brand has introduced new designer roll covers, featuring three fashion-forward designs inspired by the latest trends.
To see more of Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan’s tips to transform your home, visit and learn how to get a Cottonelle brand designer roll cover.

Posted on 2014-01-27 by NAPSI