They are known as vertical gardens or living walls. Whatever you choose to call them, they make an eye-catching statement that will have people talking. If you think you just don’t have enough space to garden you may be overlooking the ideal spot that is staring you in the face. Vertical gardening is an alternative for those of you who don’t have the space to grow out, but you do have a spot to grow up. Do you have a small patio balcony that has a bare wall? Perfect. Tiny yard with an unattractive fence you would like to beautify? There you go! Space is not an issue with vertical gardening. Large city dwellers have already discovered the beauty of vertical gardening in their compact living quarters, but it’s popularity is spreading to the suburban sprawl.

Vertical gardening adds a whole new dimension to your landscape. Think of it as container gardening, but instead of leaving potted plants displayed on the ground or a tabletop, you’re hanging them up like a piece of artwork. The popularity has prompted manufacturers to create planting pockets. They can be filled with potting soil and plants and are ready made to hang on a wall or fence. They are fantastic for a simple, clean look and are perfect for plants that spill over and ultimately hide the pockets for the ultimate living wall. I am always looking outside the box, or in this case the pocket. Anything can be your foundation for a vertical garden planter as long as you provide adequate drainage. Before you throw out your old rain gutters think about recycling them for a vertical garden. What about paint cans? For a sleek, modern look you can peel the labels off to expose the metal can. If you are like me and prefer whimsy in your garden, paint the cans with a splash of color. Looking for a rustic feel? Try an old wood pallet.

You can take your vertical gardening indoors. If you have a wall in your kitchen near a window, think about planting an herb garden. Talk about fresh herbs at your fingertips year round! Like container gardening, you will need to pay more attention to watering. That’s a small price to pay when you consider you’ve turned a drab wall into a “wow” wall! Don’t ever let space be an issue. I consider myself older and wiser now and regret all those years of apartment dwelling when I simply imagined the day I would have a yard so I could begin to garden. If only I knew then what I know now.

Posted on 2012-02-27 by Michelle Rauch