Doing some home remodeling this spring? You’re not alone! From simple home changes to major renovations, spring is the start of the home improvement season. You’ve probably got some sort of home project planned for the year, but have you planned what you’re going to do with your pet while it all happens? Home renovations are stressful for pets. You will almost certainly be preoccupied while the work is happening, meaning some of your pets needs might accidentally go ignored. There will probably be chemicals and tools around that are dangerous for pets. Doors and gates will probably be left propped open, allowing plenty of opportunity for your pet to accidentally escape. Nevermind all the noise and strangers that your pet will encounter! How can you work on your home without causing unnecessary stress on your pet? If your home will be full of harmful fumes, dangerous terrain or will be undergoing a particularly intensive period of renovation, consider having your pet put up in a kennel or at a friend’s home. This will eliminate the threat of danger to your pet and will allow you to put your full focus on the project at hand. Your contractor will certainly be glad—having a pet barking or yowling all day is distracting and upsetting. Will you be away while the work is carried out? Make sure your pet is somewhere in the house that is far away from the work. Outfit the room with lots of comforting items, such as the pet’s bed and favorite toys. Let the contractors know exactly where your pet is being kept. Ask the contractor whether they will be able to rescue your pet in the event of an emergency. Many contractors won’t promise this, and rightfully so—their priority is making sure they and their staff are safe first. And bear in mind that if your pet gets loose and bites a worker, you might be sued. If you’ll be handling the project yourself or storing all the tools and chemicals involved in the project, make sure there’s no way your pet can come into contact with those items. A curious pet will often get themselves into trouble checking out the new stuff in the house. Many dangerous home chemicals smell and taste very interesting to pets, resulting in tragedy. If there will be a lot of sanding and dust flying about, you’ll need to take special precautions for everyone’s health and wellness in your home. Change your central air system’s filter often. Consider taping an additional, anti-allergen filter over vents in areas where you or your pets will be staying. Clean air ducts and vents once the project is complete. Prior to a major home renovation, ensure that your pet is outfitted with a new identification collar and microchip. This will greatly increase the chance of your pet being returned to you if he accidentally escapes. Also, take your pet to the vet before a renovation project to ensure that your pet isn’t ailing—the stress of a renovation can often aggravate a pre-existing illness. Following and during a renovation or home project, monitor your pet’s behavior. If something is different, take your pet to the vet. Home remodeling can be a very stressful and confusing time for pets. Taking some extra precautions can alleviate some of the stress and allow you andyour pet to enjoy the end result.
Posted on 2012-03-01 by Amanda Harper