If you know me very well, you know that one of my very favorite life phrases is: THE ALIENS MUST BE LAUGHING!
I have a very simple, logical reason for my love of this sentiment. Because if in fact we were being studied by aliens…the aliens would have no other choice but to laugh at so many aspects of the human disposition.
Take children for example. “Dad! Mom made a holey one! Dad! You should let mom teach you how to play golf!”
Or perhaps reality TV:  The Bachelor? Really?  that’s not so funny, unless perhaps I was an alien.
And what extra terrestrial with any sense of humor would not appreciate Will Ferrell, Steve Martin, Lucille Ball or Robin Williams? From the innocent humor of a child, to wacky society trends, we are a hoot as a culture. Thus, the aliens must be laughing. 
This being said, the observation of romantic relationships would have to be at the top of the list of the laughing aliens. Even the greatest loves of all time succumb to the casualty of human nature in one way or another. Granted, what I am about to propose is a glaringly simplified “stereotypical” set of examples, but I have a feeling you might relate somehow.
ACT ONE: Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy kicks lifelong bad influential friends to the curb. Boy buys girl beautiful  owers; regularly. Boy takes girl to movies, dancing and cooks spaghetti for girl. Boy holds girls hand. Boy does hundreds of sit-ups and dishes.
ACT TWO: Boy moves in with girl. Boy’s lifelong bad in uential friends begin resurfacing. Boy begins renting movies. Boy occasionally picks a  ower from the neighbor’s yard and places in a Budweiser can. Boy holds remote control instead of girl’s hand. Boy forgets what a sponge is. AND the boys aren’t only to blame…
ACT ONE: Girl meets boy. Girl falls in love with boy. Girl stops going to girl’s night out every Tuesday. Girl adores boy’s snoring noises and indicates the sounds as “cute”. Girl swears she doesn’t snoop. Girl acts as though boy’s spaghetti is the best she ever had. Girl goes to yoga seven days per week.
ACT TWO: Girl loathes boy’s lifelong bad in uential friends. Girl begins having “girl’s night out” each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Girl wants to place her  ngers in boy’s nostrils to prevent boy from snoring. Girl goes through boys facebook “friending” boy’s ex-girlfriends. Girl hates boy’s spaghetti. Girl goes to yoga one time per month.
ACT THREE: Is very, very tricky. Because anything goes… Some couples make it there and some don’t. Some people are like myself and make it there several times…until they don’t. Most people aren’t trying to be dishonest about who they are. They are just trying to represent their best selves. But the process of finding someone who will put up with bad spaghetti, snoring, girlfriends, guy friends, dishes, jobs, religious differences, mothers-in-law, bills, sex, pregnancy, menopause, dreams, nightmares - ALL without rose colored glasses is a long, hard process. And I assure you, Mister Man must be thanking his lucky stars. My being “perfect” must place a ton of pressure on him. Yes, the aliens must be laughing.

Posted on 2014-10-01 by Buffy Lawson