Is 2013 your year to eat healthier, get in shape, spend less money or be more charitable? This is the time of year when you resolve to accomplish whatever goal(s) you have set for yourself. Even if you’re planning a party in the next couple of months, you don’t have to break your New Year’s resolutions. The following tips can help you stick to your resolutions while planning a party that does not sacrifice style.

Choose Healthy Party Food
Cake and ice cream are traditional party staples. Of course, no party, whether it’s a birthday party or a cocktail party, is complete without dessert. But, healthy food can be fun, too! For a kids’ party, start with a nutritious first course. If kids eat healthy starters, like peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat bread or vegetables served with dip, they will be less likely to fill up on dessert. Another tactic for getting kids to eat nutritious food is to display it in an interesting way. Fruit kabobs or vegetables cut into fun shapes will have guests reaching for seconds. Desserts also get a healthy makeover if you scale down portions and make healthy swaps. For example, muffins and yogurt parfaits are great lower calorie swaps for the usual cake and ice cream.

Plan a Party Around an Activity 
It’s simple to sneak a little exercise into a kids’ party without them even having a clue. Venues like bowling alleys, gymnasiums, pools, batting cages and skating rinks all allow kids to get exercise and burn off some of their party excitement. At-home birthday parties can also incorporate energy burning activities. Activities like dance parties, scavenger hunts and relay races are examples of entertaining at-home party events. Kids aren’t the only ones who love children’s birthday parties filled with activities. Parents will appreciate their little ones getting some much needed exercise and the good night of sleep that’s sure to follow.

Planning a Party on a Budget 
Hosting a party doesn’t have to break your New Year’s resolution to stick to a budget. The most memorable parties aren’t necessarily the ones that cost the most money. The first way to save money is to tackle as many DIY projects as you can. You can start by making your own decorations for the party. An added bonus of making your own decorations is that your party will have a one of a kind, custom look. Another way to save money is to host the party at your home instead of paying for an expensive party venue. Also, consider choosing a party time which would not require you to serve a full meal. Appetizers and bite-sized snacks often are less pricey than a full meal. For an adult party, you can save money by providing a scaled down bar. Setting out beer and wine or just one signature drink will save you the cost of a full bar. Finally, you can save money if you plan your party in advance. If you are not rushed to purchase items for the party, you’ll have the opportunity to scour for sales on party decorations and party food.

Think Charitably About Your Party 
If you have committed to be more charitable in 2013, incorporate this goal into your next party. For birthday parties, donations to the guest of honor’s favorite charity can be made in lieu of gifts. For instance, if your child is an animal lover, ask her if she’d like to have guests donate items to the local animal shelter. Additionally, when shopping for party gifts or favors, look for gifts that give back. Many companies donate portions of their profits to charity or create special products for charitable causes.

With just a little bit of planning and organization, the parties you host in 2013 can be fantastic. Since you won’t have to break your New Year’s resolution, you’ll feel great about the party, too!

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