Although Valentine’s Day is traditionally a couples-only holiday, it can also be a great time to celebrate the sweet kids in your life. Since the hustle and bustle of the holidays is over and the cold winter weather often keeps kids indoors, February is a fantastic time to plan something fun to beat the winter doldrums. Why not plan a Valentine’s Day party to add some entertainment to those long winter days? Whether you just want to celebrate your own children or would like to host a Valentine’s Day play date for all of your kids’ friends, you’ll fall in love with these simple party ideas.

What to Serve
Valentine’s Day fare typically includes chocolates and other sweets. In addition to the sweets, serve some heart-healthy Valentine’s party foods. For example, fruit kabobs are a nutritious treat that kids love. Strawberries sliced vertically look just like little red hearts, making them the ideal fruit for a Valentine’s themed fruit kabob. Consider serving other pink and red foods and drinks, such as strawberry milk. Red fruit, like watermelon, can be cut into a heart shape using a heart shaped cookie cutter. Party guests will think you’re so sweet if you send home a party favor. Individually bagged conversation hearts and wrapped chocolate bars are inexpensive favors that can be sent home with guests.

Start your party decorations by picking a Valentine’s Day color scheme. Paper doilies and paper fans in your party color palette are inexpensive decorations. Hearts cut out of paper are another simple decoration for a Valentine’s Day party. Other pink, red, and white goods that you might have lying around the house, such as tablecloths and cake stands, can be used as décor. Matching paper goods easily bring together your party style. Coordinating place cards, cupcake toppers, candy bar wrappers, banner, drink flags, signs, and Valentine’s Day cards are all available. You’ll love the ease of using the coordinated paper goods, while kids will think that the cute little owl friends are a hoot.

Party activities don’t have to be complicated to be fun. Two easy party games for a Valentine’s Day party are Cupid Says (a Valentine’s twist on Simon Says) and Stack the Hearts using candy conversation hearts. One simple Valentine’s Day craft is to cut several paper hearts out of construction paper. Gather your markers, crayons, and pens and have kids make personalized Valentine’s Cards for their parents or for each other. You can also embellish the hearts with glitter, sequins, or stickers if you have those items on hand. Another engaging craft is to make Valentine’s Day “roses” with simply mini and regular sized cupcake liners, floral wire, and glue. Using the wire, poke a hole in the middle of three small cupcake liners. Insert the liners onto the top end of the wire, then secure with a small dab of glue. Squeeze the bottom of the liners into a floral shape. Repeat with the two large cupcake liners, placing them underneath the mini cupcake liners.

Posted on 2014-02-02 by Deanna Talkwalkar