Everyone wants their wedding to be special and a little bit different from everyone else’s. An easy way to accomplish this is customization throughout your wedding choices. There’s always the standards like personalized paper napkins, and dare we say matches, but taking personalized imprinting a step further can step up the elegance and style of your wedding.
Create a Logo: Creating a logo will unify your look and give your event cohesiveness. If you don’t know how, you can visit a logo maker site like www.logoease.com, or for a very small fee a local printer can layout a simple logo for you if they are printing items for you, and provide you with files in .png, .jpeg, .tiff and .eps formats you can use for other personalization throughout your wedding. A classic simple logo would be a traditional monogram, and the type style should reflect your style. Water Water Everywhere: Personalizing your water bottles for your wedding is a great idea. If you plan ahead and use a more generic message you can use these for your showers, bachelorette parties and luncheons as well. Or you may want to have event specific personalized bottles. Companies like Highbridge Springs provides this service, with a minimum required purchase that may not work for small weddings or showers. Or go to a local printer who will design and print them, and you can hand wrap them easily yourself, even tying on a colorful paper straw.
Wine Time: Another spot for personalization is your wine bottles. Local wineries have gotten smart and by providing a photo, logo, or wedding information, they can custom design very professional labeling for your wedding, delivered ready to serve. If you want to use a better-known brand, you can create these labels yourself on your home computer, or go to a local printer to layout and print for you. All you need is a glue stick to wrap the existing wine label with your own.
Your Name In Lights: A glamorous and fabulous way to personalize your reception is to use Gobo spotlights projecting the bride and grooms name on the dance floor. Take it to the next level and also project this image onto the walls of your reception area, giving you the opportunity to ‘decorate up’ and add shine to your décor. Other image ideas are to project your new shared last name, or use your created ‘Logo’ or Monogram that you use throughout your venue. This is a great look that many high-end venues use to add pizzazz. Any event planner, DJ or your venues event coordinator will know how to make this a reality.
Candy Bars: If not used as favors, include a couple baskets of customized candy bars on your dessert table, and use this as an opportunity to get creative. We’ve all seen the ones with the couples name and wedding date, including the list of ‘ingredients’ like love. Think about using the candy bar to communicate your honeymoon plans like where you are headed and what you are planning on once you get there. Be clever with a play on words on the type of candy bars you cover… “He’s always there for me in a CRUNCH” or “She’s a Hot Tamale”. You can order these online, or do them yourself with simple graphics programs on your computer.
Burn Baby Burn: A simple project to customize for your guests is to burn a custom CD of your favorite music. The musical theme could be love songs or your favorites from a band you both love. Cuts can be all from a genre of music like country ballads or even like show tunes if you both love the theatre. (Spamalot may not be romantic, but your guests will know its totally ‘you’!) The play list could be from the musical era that you met or from your high school days, especially if you were high school sweethearts. If you have a themed wedding like a beach wedding, the cd could be comprised of beach or surf tunes just for fun. For a techy touch, put these on mini jump drives, and they can double as wedding favors.
Stamp It Out: For your invitations, ordering custom postage stamps through the US Postal Service is a fabulous, easy idea and can include an engagement photo. This opportunity shouldn’t be missed, since you have to buy stamps anyway. These are just a few ways to get personal when planning your wedding. Be creative when you look at your choices, and much of it will depend on your budget. If you are unlimited, you can customize down to your initials on your water glasses. Be smart - just a few custom touches will make your event special.

Posted on 2014-05-02 by Marsha Koller