“Mom, I’m booooooored.” A couple of weeks into summer break, do you start to hear this phrase around your house? It seems that every year, the excitement of summer break only lasts a couple of weeks. Once the exhilaration of being out of school wears off, it may be time to start looking for hassle-free activities. A few easy to plan, fun summer party activities can liven up any ordinary summer day. The following seven ideas can be executed without a lot of work, but will provide an afternoon filled with fun!
Ice Cream Party – Ice cream parties are an easy way to en- tertain because they don’t require any cooking or baking. Simply purchase a couple of types of ice cream, edible waffle bowls, and a selection of your favorite ice cream toppings. Kids will love having lots of choices to make any flavor combination they desire. If you want to make your Ice cream Party a little more put together, you can set out the toppings in matching all white dishes on a serving table with matching labels and table linens.
Sidewalk Chalk Party – During the summer, even a drive-way or sidewalk can turn into a party venue. Start by simply purchasing a few boxes of sidewalk chalk. For refreshments, pick up popsicles and lemonade for the kids to snack on while drawing. This is a great idea for a party with kids of varying ages because toddlers to tweens enjoy creating their own masterpieces.
Lemonade Stand – Lemonade stands are a good way to teach kids about money and charitable giving. The local Salvation Army hosts a lemonAid days drive each summer to raise money to support programs for homeless children. encouraging your children to set up a stand to benefit this cause gives you a chance to talk to them about giving. It’s an activity they will enjoy and will also make them feel good about helping others.
Water Balloon Fight - Water balloon fights are a exciting activity for any outdoor party or gathering, especially for school-aged children. Kids will enjoy both filling the ac- tual balloons with water and throwing them at each other. A few ground rules, such as no throwing at the face or head, will ensure everyone has a good time. After the fight is over, have a race to see how many broken water balloons kids can pick up.
Movie Night – You can recreate the fun of a drive-in theater at your home more easily than you might think. to set up viewing for the movie, you’ll need speakers, a projector, and a screen. Movie snacks are also a must. Popcorn, movie size candy, nachos, and soft drinks are movie favorites. A few blankets or lawn chairs can be scattered around the lawn for easy seating arrangements.
Backyard Olympics Party – Games like relay races, discus (frisby) throw, shot put (bocce ball) throw, long jump and other games are the key to a cool Backyard Olympics party. Kids will love being awarded inexpensive medals purchased at a party supply store. Assign kids a country to represent, then play the country’s national anthem, easily found online, when they are on the medal stand. Snacks like gold medals, made out of vanilla Oreos and red fruit rope, and Olympic torches, made with ice cream cones filled with popcorn, will be a huge hit.
Picnic Party – Sometimes a simple change of location can turn an everyday lunch into an extra-special meal. By simply pack- ing up lunch into a basket and grabbing a blanket, you can head off to a new destination for lunch. Parks, local college campuses or even your own backyard make perfect locations for picnics.
These hassle-free ideas are great boredom busters for the summer. Just don’t tell your kiddos how simple it was to plan something so fun!

Posted on 2014-06-01 by deanna talwalkar