When you were a kid, you most likely dreaded getting that summer reading list at the end of the school year. Now that it is no longer required, summer reading is probably not the same dreaded task that it used to be. Reading is a great summer activity, perfect for a relaxing evening or a day sitting by the pool. Here are a few books that will keep you entertained this summer!
The Classic: The obvious book for this category would be “The Great Gatsby.” With the release of Baz Luhrmann’s movie adaptation, America has become obsessed with Jay Gatsby. Instead of “The Great Gatsby,” try a different Fitzgerald book. His debut novel, “This Side of Paradise,” chronicles the life of young Anthony Blaine as he falls repeatedly in and out of love. The novel approaches similar themes to “The Great Gatsby,” commenting on the greed and love of wealth of the Roaring Twenties.
Non-Fiction: Mindy Kaling charmed her way onto the New York Times bestseller list with her book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” The title says it all: the story is a funny commentary on Mindy’s life and her observations about Hollywood, friends and romance.
Contemporary Fiction: Another New York Times Bestseller, Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl” has become quite a sensation. It is the story of Nick Dunne and his wife Amy, who are about to celebrate their five year anniversary when Amy suddenly disappears. Nick asserts that he is innocent, but is soon wrapped up in a web of lies and deceit as suspicions begin to grow.
Youth Fiction: John Green has already captured the hearts of American Teens with “Looking for Alaska” and “Paper Towns.” His newest novel, “The Fault in our Stars,” has achieved success as a bestseller. Narrated by a 16 year old cancer patient, “The Fault in our Stars” is the sad yet loveable story of Hazel and her friend Augustus, who meet at a Cancer Kids Support Group Meeting.

Posted on -07-01 by Holly Brucken