The Kiwanis Club of Lexington announced today they will be donating and installing mulch at the Harrison Elementary playground (161 Bruce Street) in downtown Lexington on Saturday, August 3rd from 8am-10am. By “MULCH-NEEDED”, we mean the playground is almost barren of mulch. So much so, that at the end of last year’s school year, there were some areas, kids were not allowed to play on. The school’s budget does not include maintenance on the playground. So Kiwanis comes to the rescue. Kiwanis member Jim Jenkins has been doing this project with his fellow members of the Kiwanis Club of Lexington for over 14 years. “Its hard work on an August morning, but the kids are worth it,” Jenkins says, “The old playground was torn down in the 90’s. Our club single-handedly raised the money to build a new one in 1999. Then we convinced the playground company to deliver it, and we (the club) installed under their supervision. We just felt like these kids deserved a safe playground.” Wes Allen, a Past President of the club and lead on the mulch project, adds “We built it so the maintenance now falls in our hands. So I bring out my tractor and we (the club) knock it out in a couple hours. It’s a great community project. Any one who wishes to help is welcome to come out and help. You might have so much fun with us, you decide to join the club! We do projects like this all the time.” Edye Bryant, Vice President of the club, reports other projects scheduled for this year include: an August 8th Ready Fest to provide a meal and school supplies for some Harrison Elementary students, an August 14th back-to-school luncheon for the teachers of Harrison Elementary at the Campbell House Crowne Plaza, and the October 25 Kiwanis 4 Kids Fundraiser at the Griffin Gate Marriott. For more information about how to get involved with the Kiwanis Club of Lexington, call Deanna Dillender at 859-576-3406.
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