‘Tis the season of giving.
Once you’ve taken care of the rest of your list and checked it twice, it’s time to focus on giving something special to the memeber of your family that’s been giving you unconditional love and companionship all year–your pet, of course.
Gourmet Gifts
You know your pet loves snacks.  So of course he will be overjoyed if you snag a tasty treat for him this holiday season.  Head to a pet bakery or your favorite pet supply store and find something special for Fido.
If your pet has particular dietary needs, find a recipe that will offer your pet a food surprise without causing tummy troubles.  If you have friends who are fellow pet owners, invite them over for an afternoon of baking for pets.
Take a Spa Day
You know you want to look your best for holiday get-togethers and parties, but what about your pets?  If you’ll be having company over, it might be a great idea to get your pet groomed.  A full-service grooming session will help your pet look (and smell) its best.
As a special treat, get some bath goodies for your furry friend.  Brushes, shampoos and other grooming tools will be a welcome surprise when you next bathe your pet.
While you’re out, take yourself for a massage or manicure.  You know you deserve it.
Of course pet accessories are a given.
A jacket or sweater will serve your pet well this winter.  Consider a waterproof option that will keep your pet warm and dry until spring.
But what about accessories you’ve never tried out before?  Now’s the time to give it a go!  Booties, hats, scarves or cute costumes will be exciting (and so, so cute.)
Have you held yourself back from decking your pet out with full-on pizazz?  Leave your hesitations behind–the holidays are the perfect time for sparkle, pretty patterns and gems.  Go wild!
Want something a little more practical?  Look for a new collar, leash, harness or safety light.
Pet Furniture
Even if you think you’ve got it all, there’s probably a piece of pet furniture that you don’t have yet that your pet will totally adore.  Whether it’s a new pet bed or an exciting sporting tunnel for your pet to exercise in, there’s something out there that will make your home even more cozy for Princess.  Your pet shop will have plenty of cool options in store!
Cats will love new scratching posts.  If you already have a great one, consider installing a perch or carpeted shelves just for your pet.  Cats love to climb and sit in high nooks, so these gifts will warm the heart of any feline.
Give a Getaway
If your pet doesn’t mind being away from you for a while, book your pet a day at a luxury kennel or a loving pet sitter.  Some pets enjoy a little time away from their humans, so this is a gift that is perfect for you and your pet.  While you’re out of town or having a little staycation, your pet can enjoy being pampered by a pro.
Want to get away with your pet?  Book a vacation for you both!  Call ahead to the place you plan to stay to ensure that bringing your pet along will be fine.  Go see the sights together and relax.
Getting a gift for your pet shouldn’t add to your stress this holiday season.  Keep it simple!  And as soon as you’ve snagged something great, get home, hit the couch and enjoy spending time with your furry friend–because this season is all about being with the people who bring you joy.

Posted on 2013-12-01 by Amanda Harper