As the Holidays approach, excitement escalates.  Music, lights and decorations abound, building everyone’s enthusiasm.  There is a lot to do and a lot to be done.  Children of all ages will feel more a part of the holiday preparation if they are involved.  
A daily countdown is fun when each day carries with it a special project.  This can be shown with an Advent Calendar or a Santa, (as pictured) with a coat of pockets to hold the notes containing the activity for that particular day.  Begin on December 1st with a special activity and continue each day until December 25.  These activities should be age appropriate and ideally something that can be accomplished in one day.  Getting behind with the project can be frustrating, so keep the activities simple and doable.  For example, if you have a very busy day, make the activity for that day something the child can do without a lot of your supervision.
The following suggested activities may help you select projects which will be fun for you and your children.  Some of the activities will require you to plan ahead to have supplies on hand.


  •  Unpack and hang the stockings to celebrate the beginning of the Holiday Season!
  •  Make Christmas cards for family and friends.
  •  Go to the post office, select a holiday stamp and mail cards.
  •  Make Christmas cookies.
  •  Box the cookies and decorate the packages.
  •  Make gift cards for all your Christmas presents.
  •  Put gift cards on a cookie box and deliver to someone at a retirement center.
  •  Attend a holiday program at your Church or Synagogue.
  •  Tie dye white shirts with red and green to give as presents or to wear at home during the holidays.
  • Decorate the front door with holiday greens and ribbon.
  • Make tree ornaments.
  • Go with parents to select the family Christmas tree.
  • Put lights and ornaments on the tree.
  • Make place cards for Christmas dinner.
  • Make hand puppets.
  • Write a puppet show. Practice to present the show to guests after Christmas dinner.
  • Finger paint or color paper to use for wrapping presents.
  • Build a Gingerbread House to be the centerpiece for the table during the holidays.
  • With red and green paper strips, weave them together to make placemats for the Christmas table.
  • Write out a Christmas wish list and decorate.
  • Take list to visit Santa.
  • Go see a Christmas movie.
  • Organize a “Treasure Hunt” for ornaments for the Christmas tree:  pinecones, acorns, colored leaves, etc.
  • Decorate the outside bird feeders for Christmas with ribbons, bows, etc.
  • Make Christmas presents for the birds.  For example, spread smooth peanut butter over a pinecone.  Roll in birdseed.  Hang in a tree with a red ribbon.
  • Draw a picture, color or paint it.  Cut into pieces like a puzzle and put pieces in an envelope.  Decorate the outside of the envelope and place under tree as gifts for friends and family.
  • With ribbons and bells, make a collar for the family pet.
  • Find a recipe and make dog cookies for Christmas.

The activities may be elaborate or simple, but they will be exciting to your children.  The most important thing is spending quality time together.  Let a few of your perfections be sidelined while you “Make Memories” with you children.
Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Posted on 2013-12-01 by Sue Ann Truitt