Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show your love for entertaining. If you’re looking for some ideas to celebrate this sweet holiday, we’ve got four sweet ideas for saying “Be Mine”. Your party guests will surely be delighted with each of these Valentine’s Day party ideas.   
Adult Dessert Party
If you want to throw a Valentine’s Day adult party for some of your favorite friends, you can skip the main course and go directly to dessert with your party. A couple of weeks before Valentine’s Day, send out paper or digital invitations for your all-dessert party. When hosting a dessert party, make sure you have a minimum of three dessert options. Many dessert items can be made ahead of time. Some items, like cookie dough, cakes, and brownies can be even be frozen a few days before the party. Remember to offer a couple of savory items to give guests a break from all the sugar. For the decorations, start with a color palette of pale pink and gold. Glittery gold accents will add a sophisticated touch to the party, too.
Kids Playdate
Even little ones can get in on the fun of spreading love during Valentine’s Day. Hosting a play date for preschoolers or young kids will introduce them to the fun of the holiday. Serve healthy muffins, fruit and small sandwiches. Using a heart shaped cookie cutter, cut both the fruit and the sandwiches into little heart shapes. For a party activity, try a fun Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt. Kids can search for Valentine’s themed items, like a person wearing red and something with a heart on it. Another party activity would be Pin the Arrow on Cupid – a Valentine’s Day twist on the traditional game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
Family Brunch
What better way to show your family how much you love them than with a delicious meal? Planning a Valentine’s Day brunch for the ones you love the most is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday. Start with a menu of Citrus Compote with Honey, Heart Shaped Berry Waffles, Cider Glazed Sausage, and Mini Quiche Lorraine. Remember to serve a fun drink, like Cranberry Mimosas or Pink Grapefruit Spritzer. All of these recipes can be found on For a sweet activity, place a large heart at each place setting. During brunch, have guests write their name at the top of the heart, then pass it around the table. Everyone can write something they love about the person on the heart.
Valentine’s Craft Party
For another fun party idea, try a Valentine’s Day crafting party. Kids can get together and make heart shaped valentines for their friends and classmates. Cut out several heart shapes from cardstock or constructions paper before the party. Gather stickers, buttons, doilies, markers, glitter, ribbon, glue and sequins for the kids to use to decorate their valentines. Kids will love showing their loved ones how much they appreciate them with their handmade creations.


Deanna Talwalkar
Party Planner Extraordinaire

Posted on 2014-02-06 by Deanna Talwalkar