By Deanna Talwalkar, Party Planner Extraordinaire
If you have a little boy in your life, you probably already know that birthday parties for little boys can be lots of fun! But, you also understand that playing pin the tail on the donkey and having a party craft just isn’t going to cut it. Planning a successful party for boys does not have to be tough.  The following ideas can help you make your next little guy’s party a celebration to remember.
Ask your child for his input
Before getting started on planning your son’s party, do a little research. If you talk to him about what he wants, he may have definite ideas about where he’d like to have the party, who he’d like to invite, and what type of entertainment he’d like to have. So, before asking your child about his party, you might want to first do a little investigating. If you think he may ask to have his party at a certain venue, call first to make sure that it is available and is within your party budget. Then, you can ask him for his input and come up with a plan on which you both can agree.
Decide on the venue
One of the first decisions that will need to be made is where to have the party. Having the party at your house will allow you to keep all the party supplies in one place and will likely be cheaper than having it at an outside venue. One hallmark of a party for boys is the high level of physical activity. Since boys need a lot of physical activity and will likely do better with energetic activities, consider whether you have the space at your house for such activities. If you do not want to host the party at your house, there are many great venues for parties. Some local ideas you could consider are: bowling alley, trampoline park, gymnasium, gymnastics facility, batting cages, children’s museum, horse park, arcade, and indoor or outdoor swimming pool.
Party theme ideas
Picking a party theme can make the planning much easier. Decorations, activities, and food can all reflect the party theme. So, picking the theme early can help you make decisions about all aspects of the party. Look to your son’s favorite movie, toy, sport, or book for inspiration for a theme. Some of the more popular party themes for boys include pirates, sports, Lego®, dinosaurs, Star Wars®, little man, trains, superheroes, monsters, and robots.
Be flexible
Boys certainly need some physical activity to burn off some of that extra energy. Generally, boys also work better if there is not a bunch of different structured activities. Crafts and games with many rules may not work as well for a boys’ party. Instead, try an activity, like a bounce house, that is open-ended so that kids can participate in the activity on their own schedule.  
Provide snacks
No boys’ party would be complete without snacks. Since boys parties are often full of physical activity, they are going to want lots of drinks and snacks once they are done with the party activities. Having water bottles available during the party is a great plan. Then, you can serve snacks and other drinks once there is a break in all the fun.

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