By Marsha Koller
Little girls look at weddings as a day to dress up, and you can look at this opportunity to make darling little girls look super sweet! A flower girl in a traditional dressy dress is of course always perfect for a wedding, but a trend in flower girl wear is to give in to the Tutu—your flower girls will love it even more!
There are beautiful flower girl Tutu dress options available on the market, or you can get crafty and create these looks on your own, especially if you have a number of little ones that will be walking down the aisle with you. An explosion of tulle, whether in white, cream or your wedding colors is a fabulous and fun look.
Tutu Skirt Style
The simplest look is for your girls to pair simple matching leotards as the tops (you choose sleeve length appropriate for your wedding season) and cover them with a tutu skirt. Skirts can be adorned with flowers, lace, and beads and can be color coordinated to complement your bridesmaid’s dresses.
Tutu Dress for Success
This is the big look today for little girls – a tutu dress made for all eyes to be on them. Tutu dresses are typically an empire waist style, with a stretch bodice with Tutu tulle streaming from beneath the bust line to near floor length. Seeing little feet peeping out from beneath yards of fluffy material can be very, very cute. Depending on your material and embellishments, and depending on the volume of tulle in each dress similar styles can go from casual and fun to elegant and regal.
DIY Tutu Tips
When making these dresses yourself, most Tutu styles require very little sewing as the tulle is simply cut to length and looped through the bottom of your bust line piece. Again there are great tutorials on You Tube (OK, say ‘You Tube Tutu Tutorials’ three times FAST!) that will walk you through the process and you will be a pro in no time. Wisely choose to add ribbon shoulder straps that can just be tied to the perfect length – you don’t want any Wardrobe Malfunctions on your tiniest stars during your ceremony, or for mom to constantly be pulling up their Tutus all evening!
Tulle Crown Wreaths for Little Fairy Princesses!
It is essential to top off this look with some style of headpiece to take the ethereal fairy tale look to completion. A braided circlet of matching tulle is simple and just perfect, or a coordinating flower that matches the embellishments of her dress. And no, a sparkly tiara is not too much, and will make any little girl’s day.
These miniature fairy tale princesses will complete your wedding look, and be right on trend. People love watching children at weddings, as weddings are such a right of passage, and children represent the brides to come. So let them wear Tutus!

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