The latest trend on the wedding-show runways, and coming down the aisle, are blue wedding dresses. It sounds garish at first, but these blue beauties range from the faintest hint of blue overlaying white, to iciest blue fabric with rich embellishments that give a gown a true wow. Plus, what’s more popular in the Bluegrass than Blue?
Be careful with blue – too much or too dark and it looks like you are wearing a fancy prom gown, and you don’t want to be lost in a crowd at your own reception. If you choose blue, going with a big wedding gown style complete with train and tons of volume not only screams ‘wedding dress’, but also makes a completely unique statement about you as a bride.
Maintain Your Blue Ribbon Look
Be careful with your choice of bridesmaid’s gowns, so that your blue gown doesn’t clash with theirs if you choose blue for your bridesmaids. If you can’t find a spot on coordinated blue bridesmaids dress choice, a safer direction is to put them in a more of a tone instead of a color – grey, gunmetal, black, blush or cream – all depending on the undertones of your blue dress.
Set the ‘Tone’ for Your Wedding Theme
Choosing a gorgeous, big impact blue gown gives you the perfect entre to complete a blue themed wedding. Reception themes that speak to your love could be “Once in a Blue Moon” or “Out of the Blue” or even “Something Blue” with florals, table décor, blue lighting, blue favors and more bringing your theme home. Once you go blue…stay on that hue.
Skin Tones Best for Blue
Brides with light skin with pink undertones look great in blue, and conversely brides with darker skin pull off blue magnificently, especially if the blue has a crisper white or even silvery undertone. Redheads, beware of blue – cooler tones are not your friend. The same goes for light skinned brides with peach or rosy undertones. Like always, if you are pre-sold on blue, don’t be surprised if you can’t ‘say yes’ to it in the bridal salon and choose a traditional white or ivory – colored wedding dresses are a big step. But if it works, you will know – like a bolt out of the blue.
You will never ‘feel blue’ if you choose a lush blue toned wedding gown for a unique and personalized wedding – and your guests will never forget it. And your groom will know you are True Blue.

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