By: Sue Ann Truitt
Amy Vanderbilt? EmilyPost? Your Mother? Your Father? Your Grandmother?
As you ponder the origin of the manners you practice, it is most likely your manners were learned from a person. Your Mother or Grandmother influenced you more than you realize. The way you speak, the way you treat others, which fork to pick up first, all stem from the way you were taught, not which etiquette book you read. An important parenting responsibility is to teach children how to conduct themselves in a respectable manner. The most important lessons we learn are from others. These teachings have been passed along often through coined sayings or well known quotations. Generations have learned insights and inspirations by word of mouth.
Trending today is the sharing of advice often given by your Mother or Father. One of the morning shows recently presented a segment on favorite parental sayings which have influenced lives. A newly published book is by Erin McHugh, Like My Mother Always Said… wise words, witty warnings and odd advice we never forget. The book is part hilarious and part words to live by. Think about what your Mother always said.
My Mother was told by her Mother which she, in turn, often reminded us, “Don’t ever rest until the good gets better and the better is best”.
“It’s not what you do but who you know”. Kaye’s Mother
“You are not hungry, your mouth is bored”. Phillip’s Mother
“Put on your sweater, I am cold”. Carolyn’s Mother
“Oh, no thanks, I’ll just have a sip of yours”. Alice’s Mother
“Choose your battles wisely”. David L.
“There are thousands of opportunities to keep your mouth shut, use them”. Sandra’s Mother
“If you don’t remember what you wanted to say, it couldn’t have been very important”. Dee’s Mother
One of my favorite books is Bartlett’s Famous Quotations. It gives something to think about while, hopefully, helping one to become a better person. Notice how many people use quotes or old expressions in their speech. These coined sayings can greatly influence how we act. Today’s applications of this influence may be derived from clichés used in advertising. Some examples are “Be all that you can be” which promotes self improvement and inspires us to be our best. “Just do it” could give the clue as to what to do when an invitation arrives requiring a R.S.V.P.  “Be original – have it your way” could refer to someone boosting his self confidence level. “We’re with you… always have been” could be important when discussing the value of a relationship. “Balance is everying” could refer to the proper way to set a table. “At the corner of Happy and Healthy” is a constant reminder of how we should strive to present ourselves to others.
As you hear favorite sayings or see slogans in advertising, make it a practice to try to apply it to becoming a better person in every way. My saying for today is – “It’s never too late to improve!”

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