By Bonnie Dailey 
1. Decide on a Major
By deciding on a major before enrolling, you will not waste time taking courses that don't count toward your major and will be on the fast track to getting a degree.
2. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself
Start slowly with a couple of classes. Once you’re comfortable with the workload, add another class. There’s no rush. It’s better to be successful in all aspects of your life than none at all. 
3. Get Your Financial Aid Together
Education is expensive. Applying for scholarships and financial aid can save you major cash. 
4. Don't Be Intimidated 
As an adult, everything about going back to school can be scary. Be proud  of the fact that you’re building your skillset through higher education.
5. Pick the Right School For You
There are many different options to choose from, especially in Kentucky. After deciding on a major, find a school that specializes in your area of interest. 
6. Tell Your Fans
Form a support group you can turn to when you need help. Tell them your plan of action. Your employer may work with your schedule or even provide financial help. 
7. Have A Plan
Plan ahead to ensure you can accomplish your goals. Consider you other responsibilites like family, work and personal interests.
8. Sharpen Your Skills
Attend free seminars to help brush up your skills before hitting the books. This will prevent frustration and perpare you for what lies ahead. 
9. Time Management
Make time to study. Start now by setting a couple of hours aside each day. By getting into a routine, you will have time carved out for studying by the time you need it. 
10. Follow Your Dreams
Do this for you! Don't let anyone try talking you out of going back to school or bettering yourself.



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