By Deanna Talkwalker
After what seems like a short summer, it’s already time for the kids to go back to school. For most kids, the first day of school is a mix of excitement, joy, and a little trepidation. With a few creative ideas you can ease some of those jitters and help encourage the enthusiasm for back to school. The following five ideas will help you celebrate the arrival of the first day of school!
End of Summer Get Together
Before the first day of school, take time to celebrate the end of summer by inviting over your child’s favorite school mates. A swimming party, ice cream social, sleepover, or simply an afternoon play date would work. Serve a few school themed snacks, such as apple shaped rice krispie treats or cupcakes.  Also, after spending some quality time together, your child and his or her school friends will look forward to seeing each other at school. 
Make a Back to School Treat for Teachers
Before the first day of school, elementary school children will enjoy making a back to school treat for their teachers. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate treat, just a little gift. Most kids love giving gifts, especially ones they helped to make or pick out. This simple gesture will get kids excited about their first day and meeting their new teacher.
One inexpensive treat idea is a candy filled push up pop that resembles a glue stick. The containers for this treat can be purchased at your local craft store or even some grocery stores in the baking section. Some grosgrain ribbon, a sticker and tag make this a fun project.
Collect School Supplies for Others
For many, back-to-school supplies simply don’t fit into the monthly budget. Several local organizations accept donations of extra school supplies for the neediest of students. They will also provide a list of needed items. So, this year, make the school supply shopping a fun event. Have kids pick out a few items from the charity’s school supply list to add to their school supply shopping. Shopping for others will give your kids a sense of pride in doing a small act of kindness for someone else. 
Bus Stop Breakfast
If your kids ride the bus to school, consider planning a bus stop breakfast. Fill up your wagon with fun breakfast finger foods, like muffins, doughnuts, juice boxes, apples and bananas. Tell other parents to meet at the bus stop about 10-15 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Parents and kids can enjoy a fun breakfast treat before the kids get on the bus. 
If you have middle school or high school students, they probably won’t want you showing up at the bus stop with a wagon. But, most teens wouldn’t turn down a box of doughnuts to take up to the bus stop to share with their friends.
Pack a Special Lunch 
If one of your little ones is feeling nervous about the first day of school, planning a special lunch will help ease some of those nerves. Have your child pick out something special for lunch, something you might not necessarily pack in their lunch box on a daily basis. In addition, when packing the lunch, tuck a note of encouragement into the lunchbox. 

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