By Deanna Talwalker
Once schools starts, it feels like another summer has come to an end. Yet, it’s still several months away until the start of the holiday season. That doesn’t mean you can’t find small ways to celebrate everyday life in the meantime. The following four ideas will help you find little ways to embrace the blessings of everyday life. 
Add Sprinkles
In our house, my kids like to put rainbow sprinkles on pretty much any dessert. There’s just something about adding sprinkles that elevates the dessert into something special. For you, it might be adding ice cream or whipped cream to a dessert that makes it a decadent experience. Or it may be eating a meal by candle light or simply having dessert after a meal. Each of these ideas have the possibility of turning a regular weekday meal into an extraordinary event worth celebrating.  
Declare a Special Day
Do you have a child that has a slight obsession with a certain movie or sport? Or maybe they really like insects or princess filled fairy tales? Whatever your child currently loves, you can celebrate him or her by creating a special day filled with ideas that celebrate their favorite things. For instance, if you have a child that loves dinosaurs, declare that it is “Dino Day” at your house. Make a dinosaur themed snack, such as hardboiled “Dinosaur Eggs”, and plan a couple of simple dinosaur crafts or activities, like identifying different types of dinosaurs.  You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to celebrate your children’s favorite things, but they will love that you took the time to celebrate something so important to them! 
Explore a New Spot
If life starts feeling a little monotonous, taking a vacation is one of the best ways to feel rested and renewed. However, it’s not always possible to take the time or spend the money for a vacation. But taking a day trip or trying out a new restaurant is a more manageable way to get that vacation-like feeling of being somewhere new.  The key to finding that vacation-like feeling is to deviate from your usual routine.  A simple activity like hiking in a new spot, visiting a local orchard, or taking the day to explore a nearby town will add an element of adventure to a regular weekend. 
Send Happy Mail
In a time when technology dominates our everyday life, sending someone happy mail is an unexpected way to celebrate someone else. It’s also a fantastic way to communicate how you feel about that special someone.  A simple handwritten card is always well-received. To raise the mail to another level, decorate the card with beautiful handwritten messages, stickers, or washi tape. 
Another idea is to send a box of fun. Kids will especially love opening a box that includes fun activities. For example, you could send a Luau Themed Box with luau themed crafts, decorations, and candy. Another fun box would be an Ice Cream Sundae Box that includes melamine ice cream bowls, spoons, ice cream toppings and a gift card to a local ice cream shop. One last idea would be a Movie Night Box with a new release DVD plus microwave popcorn bags and other movie candy. 
Each day is its own gift, filled with many opportunities to celebrate life and special loved ones. Taking the time to celebrate everyday life will allow us to seek out the best of each day!

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