By Marsha Koller
The tradition of “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in Your Shoe” is a tradition that dates back to Old England based on a rhyme of the same name. In olden days the bride carried one of each as good luck charms. As weddings ‘traditionally’ are the place to begin new traditions, building these talismans into your wedding outfit are comforting, and can be a fun part of your wedding planning. 
This custom has evolved into an opportunity to represent tokens of love toward family and friends. “Something Old” symbolizes continuity linking your old life to your new life by including them in the ceremony joining the two of you together. 
Bouquet Build-Ins
A truly customizable idea is to build your “Something Old” into your bouquet. Small pieces of family memorabilia that speak to where you’ve come from are perfect touches to show your connection to your past while stepping into your future. Any of these ideas will be also be a wonderful conversation starter during your reception as well. 
Family Photos in Your Bouquet
Especially if you have parents or a close family member that have passed, building their photos into your bouquet is a way for you to include them in your wedding ceremony in a very meaningful way. Photos can be put in a locket, tiny frame, or better yet have a bauble custom created that holds your small photos. Hang them on a chain that dangles from the bouquet.
Use Mom’s Wedding Dress in a Unique Way
A way to use your mother’s aunt’s or grandmother’s “Old” wedding dress without actually wearing it (just say no!), is to take a piece of the fabric or lace and use this as the ribbon wrap around the stems of your bouquet. You could use a piece of lace for a bow at the base of your bouquet, or sew buttons off mom’s or grandmothers gown along the ribbon handle. These ideas are beautiful and special at the same time, and will mean a lot to your family.
Accessorize with the Family Jewels
Putting a treasured piece of family jewelry in your bouquet is not only thoughtful but very beautiful as well. A sparkly brooch of grandmother’s pinned on the bouquet stems, a bracelet secured around the bouquet base or a necklace secured to sway as you walk down the aisle are all sweet, expressive ideas. Think about building-in your mother’s cross or grandmother’s rosary to make a subtle yet strong statement about your families faith.
Don’t Stress, It’s All for Fun
Originally, these “Something Old, Something New” items were intended to be given to you last minute by your mother, sister or friend as their token of good luck before sending you down the aisle. Today, with a little thought and planning, they can become some of the most meaningful memories of your wedding and immortalized in your wedding photo album. In upcoming articles we will visit the many options you have to make these wedding choices “Something” special!

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