By Buffy Lawson
At a certain age and after much earned life experience, i.e: totally dysfunctional relationships, you are hopefully aware of most of your well earned boundaries and interests as a person. Thus, choosing a partner should be far easier when knowing personal expectations for compatibility. You are keenly aware of what you prefer, and you realize that having much in common with a lover is imperative. For example, if you are slightly terrified of lake water as well as the things living in it, it’s best not to choose a partner who owns a large boat affectionately named “Home Sweet Home Baby.” 
It is also easy to get too set in your own ways…we even get down right cranky at some point, because we have earned the right to do what we want when we want it! Right? However, in order to have a healthy relationship, it is crucial to find the balance. After all, it’s not humanly possible to find a lover who has absolutely everything in common with you. If you did, it would likely be boring and probably submissive on somebody’s part. 
Thus, compromise is imperative even with a strong sense of self. 
I for one am not a golfer. But I do get it. And because Mister Man had recently gone with me to an art gallery showing (which I know he knew nothing about) I made the choice to join him on a golf outing. And I chose to take on something I knew NOTHING about – in an effort to compromise. 
I bought a six pack of beer, sported a cute little skirt, ordered a couple of cigars and headed up to the counter to pay for our date day. 
Before I walked up to the counter Mister Man begged, “Babe, you know nothing about golf, don’t....” Sassy frass Buf spoke back to him in defense. “You just follow me mister!!”
I walked up to the counter and proclaimed “Hello there sir. We would like to purchase 8 holes of golf.” I reached into my wallet preparing to pay. I couldn’t help notice all of the golfers behind me chuckling and Mister Man looking like he had just seen a ghost. “Ummm, any reason you don’t want to play 9 holes? It costs the same.” the worker replied, clearly trying not to laugh. At this point I’m catching on…my pride took over and I tried to swallow the lump in my throat. “Uh, no sir. We would just like to play 8 holes. Thank you.”
As embarrasing as the situation was, Mister Man and I had a wonderful day on the golf course. I drove the cart and only lasted for two holes due to golfer’s elbow. But my willingness to do something I knew and cared nothing about served as a hilarious memory between us. Awww, the things we do for love...

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