The days leading up to Halloween are a great time of year to host a Mini Monster Bash. Throwing a Halloween party for kids doesn’t have to be frightening! With a few simple ideas and little preparation, you can plan a perfectly spooky celebration for your little ghosts and goblins. 
Before thinking about party décor, consider the ages of the kids that will be attending. If your party is for preschool or younger elementary school children, you may want to plan a party that is more sweet than scary. Stick with cute Halloween items, like pumpkins, adorable little bats, and black cats. An orange and black color scheme can guide the choices you make for the party décor. Simple paper decorations, like paper garland or tissue pom poms are inexpensive ways to add more color to the party. Orange and black color candies can be used to decorate your party and little guests can take candy home in small goodie bags. 
If you are hosting a party for pre-teens and teens, your party décor can lean a little more to the spooky side. Inexpensive spider webs and spiders can be strewn throughout the house. Life-like rats and bats can be purchased from the local dollar store. Purchase gray, black, and blood red paper products, like paper plates, paper cups, and plastic cutlery for the party.  Another way to set an eerie tone is to have your teen download a playlist of creepy Halloween themed songs to play during the party.  
If you are going for a sweet and cute Halloween party, serve fun party foods like Ghost Pizza, Mummy Hot Dogs, Pumpkin Tangerines, and Ghost Bananas. For dessert, turn store bought goodies into 
Halloween themed desserts in a few simple steps. Plain cupcakes can be upgraded with Halloween themed cupcake toppers. Top little brownie bites with a dollop of frosting and an orange gumball. 
Older kids might enjoy scarier and slightly gross snack options. Goodies like Dead Man’s Finger Sandwiches, Vampire Cocktails, and Skull Cheeseball will be devoured by teens.  You can also make some creepy Halloween desserts, like Brain Cupcakes and Mississippi Blood Pie. 
No party is complete without a few activities. Kids of all ages will enjoy a costume contest. Little kids love any chance they have to dress up in their Halloween costume. Big kids usually stop trick or treating at some point, so they don’t necessarily need a costume for Halloween night. Even though they might have outgrown trick or treating, teens still love the opportunity to plan a costume. Pick a few costume categories, then hand out small prizes for the winners in each of the categories.  You could also have the party guests vote on which other guest should win each category. 
Another fun activity is pumpkin decorating. Instead of carving pumpkins, younger kids can paint pumpkins with washable paint. Smaller pumpkins will be easier for little hands to manipulate. For the teens, a pumpkin carving contest would be fun. Have the teens carve the pumpkins as scary as possible, then have them vote on their scariest choice. 

Posted on 2014-10-03 by Deanna Talwalkar