By Sue Ann Truitt
Keeneland, Football and college weekends all prove that Fall is in full swing. Each of these entertaining possibilities could put one’s calendar into overload. When these events are combined, hostesses scramble for ideas to have their houses, lawns, foods and themselves in a festive mode. Looking for a decorative Fall addition to perk up the house is welcomed. A seasonal arrangement which can be used in the dining room, hall, den or kitchen is quite a find. Yes, here it is – a growing fall centerpiece! It can be enjoyed all Fall. Here is how to assemble this miracle.
1. Select a basket approximately 5 inches deep.
2. Line with a ready-made plastic liner or line the bottom and sides of the basket with a double layer of a heavy duty plastic garbage bag. Trim sides at top of basket.
3. At your favorite florist or the floral section of the supermarket, select a five inch plastic pot of greenery or a small blooming plant. In addition, choose 5 to 6 three inch round plastic pots of different types of green plants. The height of the containers should not exceed the depth of your basket.
4. Place the largest plant in the center of the basket. Then, place or wedge the smaller pots around the center pot. Being plastic, the pots can be forced to fit. If the containers do not stand up straight or if there is some space between the pots, crumple aluminum foil into a ball and use wherever needed. Also, if the center plant is not tall enough, place some foil underneath to elevate it.
5. When buying the plants also purchase several packages of moss. Soak the moss in water to make it pliable and place over top of all the pots in the basket, leaving only room for each plant to peek out.
6. Spray all the foliage with Leaf Shine as a finishing touch like icing on a cake.
7. If so desired, now is the time for the element of surprise.  This could be a small pumpkin tucked in among the plants on top of the moss – a seasonally colored bow on the handle – a votive. Here’s where your creativity comes into play.
8. To maintain the seasonal showpiece, carefully move the moss to feel the soil of each little pot. If dry, water sparingly. Misting the leaves occasionally will make your plants happy and long lasting. 
With many possible places in your home for this specialty basket, move it often to enjoy your handiwork. Change the accessories as moving into Thanksgiving and Christmas. And, what a lovely gift to share as a house warming gift, a hostess gift or a holiday gift. You will enjoy these baskets for a long time replacing one plant at a time when it looks a little tired. Now, you have a special signature arrangement displaying your own creativity.

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