Survivor Feature Profiles by Melissa Karrer, Photography by Phillips Mitchell
In salute of Breast Cancer Awareness Month TOPS is proud to share the stories of 23 survivors.
Meet Sandra Weleford.
Sandra is a 6-year survivor who is still under active treatment. She currently receives infusions every three weeks. Her journey began when her doctor, Dr. Post, saw changes in the skin of her breast area. When she heard the word ‘cancer,’ she felt shock, anger and disbelief.
Throughout her journey, Sandra has found great support in her family, friends and her Oncology team. Her church community rallied around her and prayed diligently. She is the mother of two children and grandmother to seven grandchildren. She states that “Grand says it all!” 
Staying creative and useful during her cancer journey and treatment helped Sandra overcome her challenges. Strength came from family and her church community and the prayers that others made on her behalf. Her medical team provided a great support system and resource for her as she was going through her treatment.
Sandra is very thankful to be a part of this project and to share her story with others who may be working through their own journey with cancer. She encourages others to “Keep a positive attitude and to be proactive!” There is much to be thankful for and Sandra feels that cancer has changed her life in a way that is positive. “I’m much more grateful for my blessings,” she says. 

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