Survivor Feature Profiles by Melissa Karrer, Photography by Phillips Mitchell
In salute of Breast Cancer Awareness Month TOPS is proud to share the stories of 23 survivors.
Meet Shannon Snowden.
After a clear mammogram in 2010, Shannon was shocked to find out she had cancer in October 2011. Her first thoughts were of her sister, who lost her life to cancer. Shannon found her strength in wanting to be around when her youngest daughter gave birth and her oldest daughter walked down the aisle. 
Family and friends rallied around 
Shannon and one of her biggest supporters was her fiancé. She recalls, “When my hair started falling out, he shaved my head bald and also wore his head bald.” She continued working as a Patient Relations Associate at the University of Kentucky between her chemo every 
3 weeks and also kept up her passion of bowling, even if she just watched when she was too tired to bowl. “Even though it was hard to try to feel good, I would not stay at home; just being around family and friends (helped),” she explains.
Shannon credits her UK Breast Care team, doctors and nursing staff on how well they worked together. She was given good information, attended makeup classes and support groups. Advice that she would like to give to others battling cancer is to think positive, find a support group and have a goal you can work towards. 
Since being in remission, Shannon has decided to “stop waiting on things.” The first thing she checked off of her bucket list was getting her motorcycle license and doing the Susan G. Komen Walk for the Cure. “You look at life differently. Just be happy and enjoy your family each day.”

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