By Marsha Koller
“Something Old” included in your wedding plans will bring a sense of tradition and family, and the classic ‘Something Old’ is mom’s wedding dress. However, actually wearing mom’s wedding dress as your own can be just too much to ask because styles are so different; designers have gotten so much more interesting, fabric choices are greater and gowns today are more flattering than older styles. There are other great ways to incorporate mom’s dress today, because your ‘Something Old’ doesn’t actually have to walk down the aisle with you.
Wedding Gown History Vignette
Your mom will be completely touched if at the reception you create a vignette that displays her gown on a mannequin, possibly alongside her wedding photo and her wedding album. For a museum effect, include grandmothers’ and even special aunts’ gowns as well and your guests will feel the history of your family’s wedding events. Don’t forget granddads uniform either. I love this idea!
Wedding Gown Photo Gallery
If plans don’t allow for displaying gowns, create a gallery of family wedding photos and albums on a piece of furniture from that period. This also gives guests something to look through while waiting for you to arrive. The display can be as simple as framed photos on a table, or displayed creatively to complement your wedding theme.
Wear Mom’s Veil
A perfect solution to the ‘mom’s dress dilemma’ is to wear your new dress—‘Something New’—with her veil—‘Something Old’.  If a remake is a must, a veil is much easier to trim or add to and it will be meaningful in every wedding photo you take. 
Old Dress/New Dress—Remake Mom’s Dress
If you are ultra sentimental, you can wear mom’s dress by remaking it ‘As Seen On TV’ in wedding dress redesign shows. The pitfall of wearing mom’s dress today is that many moms were from the 80s and early 90s, which means dresses had huge shoulder poufs and mammoth bows. On the plus side, there is a lot of fabric to work with. The must-have is a seamstress; or better yet a tailor, who really knows what they are doing—keep in mind that it will still cost several hundred dollars to do it right—and it still may not suit in the end. 
There are many ways to include mom other than wearing her dress, and by making just a bit of effort to work with her wedding memorabilia, you can make yours something to hand down to your daughter for her wedding day.



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