By Cynthia Ellingsen
Photography by Wes Brown Photography
Payal Parikh Kadiwala and Jay Kadiwala first met… at a wedding! Jay was busy helping his brother serve as DJ at the wedding of a family friend when Payal caught his eye. Four years later, Jay proposed to her in Times Square in New York City and the two began planning a wedding of their own. 
The couple got married at Cave Hill Vineyard in Eubank, KY. The vineyard provided an intimate, outdoor setting ideal for a family wedding. On the big day, the mandap (altar) was decorated with red carnations and the aisle scattered with red rose petals. Prior to the bride’s entrance, her maternal uncles, brother and male cousins carried in her doli (palanquin), which was decorated in gold and red. Her uncles then walked her down the aisle.
Both the bride and groom wore traditional Gujarati attire, given to them by their maternal uncles. The bride wore an embroidered and jeweled sari in a traditional red mixed with white, as well as earrings, a necklace, and bangle bracelets (chhudo) handmade from ivory and gold. Her arms and legs were decorated in a delicate, henna design. The groom wore an embroidered and bejeweled Sherwani in the same colors, along with mojri (shoes) and a turban. 
The bride and groom also enjoyed the baraat, the dramatic moment when the groom’s party first arrived.
Once the ceremony was complete and blessings received from the parents and elders, the couple enjoyed playing a game to determine who would “wear the pants” in the family. The priest dropped two coins in a tray of red-colored water and the bride and groom competed to see who could find the coins first. They played best out of three: both the bride and groom claimed a win in the first two games. In the final match, they tied, much to the amusement of their families. 
During the reception, both sides of the family had fifteen minutes to present a speech or give a performance. Jay’s family danced and his brother gave a heartfelt speech. Payal’s family also performed a group dance, and both her parents and brother gave a speech. Guests enjoyed DJ and Dhol by the groom’s brother, Sanjay Kadiwala. The playlist included Indian/Bollywood music, rap, hip-hop, and techno. 
The reception colors were as vibrant as the entertainment. Rich blues, purples, and greens paid homage to the bride’s appreciation of peacocks, both in the lighting design as well as the decor. Iridescent tablecloths were topped with centerpieces made from roses and peacock feathers, along with a mix of candles and crystals.
Guests enjoyed an open bar, along with Punjabi Indian catered by Masala Indian. Chicken tikka masala was served along with vegetarian options. A tandoor was on-site to cook fresh, handmade naan. The cake was a mini cake with trays of cupcakes, offered in champagne, German chocolate, buttercake, and strawberry shortcake. 
At the end of the reception, the bride, groom, and guests gathered together for a final, fun moment releasing lit Chinese lanterns into the sky.

Wedding Venue : Cave Hill Vineyard, Eubank, KY | Wedding Photography: Wes Brown Photography, Somerset, KY | Catering: Masala Indian
Wedding Planner, Flowers:: Doug Smith Designs | Cake, Cupcakes: Simply Cupcakes, Somerset, KY | Entertainment and MC: DJ Mavi, Cincinnati, OH 

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