Each November, the American Heart Association hosts the Go Red for Women luncheon. To coincide with this event, TOPS profiled local heart disease survivors. By sharing their incredible stories, we hope to inspire women to educate themselves about the risks and symptoms of heart disease.
Heart disease is the number one killer of women. It’s a statistic you’ll hear again in this section, but it bears repeating. On film, it’s always men who are affected by heart disease—and it is consistently one of the leading causes of death in men each year—but many women don’t realize that their symptoms are very different. It’s easy for a woman to have no idea that something’s wrong until it’s too late. We teamed up with the Lexington chapter of the American Heart Association to help spread the word!
We hope you enjoy this section and share it with the women in your life. Many of our profiled women are going to be models at the Go Red for Women Luncheon on Friday, November 14th. Look for the little red dress, then see them live at the event!

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