By Buffy Lawson
As I have always preached…everybody is simply adorable in the early stages of a relationship. Mother Time is cruel, however, when she waves that hateful wand and smacks us directly on our foreheads, forcing us to co-exist in reality. We begin to see the flaws in our partner and remain perfect ourselves. Unfortunatly, the bossy wand somehow allows our significant other to see our flaws, while in their eyes remaining perfect. Thus, this can lead to a perfect storm. 
The future of the relationship will now unfold as many of the ugly little lover wrinkles reveal themselves. Once seeing the truth of whom we have chosen, we can then decide if this is the person that we would like to continue growing with. As those skeleton bones come flying out of that closet showing their ugly selves, it is a good thing to address and communicate one’s concerns or dislikes. However, it is all too easy to become the ever-dreaded NAG. The individual that you see and loathe in others, but are blind to when it comes to you.
It is not only ineffective, but it is also FLAT OUT not sexy. And unless you have no faults of your own, there are other ways to communicate that are far more helpful to addressing the issue. Typically, the nagging comes over petty things that are not detrimental to the relationship, rather just aggravating. So what’s the point?
The problem is, they add up and begin to make the partner dread the moment that you walk into a room. We’ve all been there when a small child says: “mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!!!” This is acceptable as a kid, but to hear a partner do essentially the same thing is not pretty. Staying sexy and likable to you lover is a good thing. 
I go back to a very important aspect of long lasting love…even after the Mother Time’s hateful wand knocks off the rose colored glasses, try to be the fun, interested, interesting person that you were in the beginning. Continue to laugh and refuse to be a difficult nagging hag!
Your partner should ultimately be your best friend. Don’t let life and little things that don’t add up to a hill of beans become a mountain!
Catch yourself—make a list and check it twice. See how often you find yourself being a nag. Just put up that stupid coffee cup that keeps being left in the microwave. Choose the big stuff to deal with. More than likely, if you haven’t made your love want to sprint when seeing you, your partner’s two good ears will suddenly hear you much better when it really counts. Good luck out there! And may you be the one couple that Mother Time forgets to wave the hateful wand upon.

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