By Marsha Koller 
While your ‘Something Old’ brings a sense of nostalgia and family to your wedding, your ‘Something Blue’ can be your touch of pure whimsy, and can be designed to send a message about you and even your groom. Gone are the days that the something blue is just the hidden garter, relegated to the ‘toss the garter’ moment. Today’s bride makes it fun. ‘Something Blue’ traditionally symbolizes purity, love and fidelity, and you can take that symbolism and make a statement.
Blue (Not So Suede) Shoes
An idea I love is to put your blue where every girl’s fashion heart is—in your shoes! A great blue shoe, peeking out from beneath your dress as you walk down the aisle or dance with your dad, is so fun and fashionable. Plus, because these aren’t pristine whites, they will not look dirty during an evening of festivity. You can even wear them later and remember your special day along the way.
Let’s Make A Date
A very memorable idea is to embroider your wedding date—in blue of course—inside the lining of your wedding dress. Some brides do this near the zipper or inside a belt, but my favorite is right inside the front hemline, where you can flip it over easily to show friends and family your ‘Something Blue’. Make this an heirloom by making it removable, and hand it down to your daughter to put in her wedding dress, alongside her own. Love, Love, Love!
Something Blue At The Reception, Too
While the tradition is that you actually wear the ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’, you can absolutely build it into your wedding reception event planning as well. This can give you an opportunity to share something out of the ordinary about you, and even about something you and your groom share. So if it’s a Dr. Who Tardis sign, or an R2D2 cake, be creative and build it in. Your guests will love it.
Hidden Messages On Your Shoe Can Be Something Blue
A big idea is to send a “Something Blue’ message on the sole of your shoes. This can be as simple as a shoe tattoo (really just a sticker), or you can involve an artist to make this ultra special. Shoe messages can make for ultra cute wedding photos, but be sure to have your photographer take your album shot as soon as you put the shoes on so they will be scuff free.
There are so many creative things to do with Blue that will make your ‘I do’s even more memorable. Remember, the difference really is in the details, and your ‘Something Blue’ ideas don’t have to be expensive at all, but can be worth a million bucks in memories.


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