By Jim Blancet
Like it or not, as a business owner, you’re probably in charge of a lot of data, some of which is likely sensitive in nature. How you store it and protect it can have a major bearing on how you are perceived by your employees and customers alike.
And if a disaster strikes, how well you have prepared ahead of time will determine how easily you recover. If fire or some other type of natural disaster strikes your company center, your computer data needs to be backed up offsite.
That’s where SIO can help.
We remove the risk that far too many businesses absorb by taking everything previously housed under one roof and moving it safely offsite. While insurance can minimize the financial risk, what you really need is instant access to your data again so that you can resume operations and rebuild your business as quickly as possible.
Formal disaster recovery planning encompasses protection against more than just natural disasters, too. Sometimes hardware just goes bad. If you’re relying on in-house machines and aren’t properly backed up, you’re tempting fate and betting your job, as well as those who work for you.
Again, the solution is simple: reach out to SIO and let us take care of your offsite backup needs. The benefits are obvious, and the risks from putting off the decision are scary. Get yourself the peace of mind that goes along with our system and consequently make sure you’re free to spend your time on pursuits that make your business more productive and (as a result) more profitable.

Posted on 2014-12-09 by