By Sue Ann Truitt
The rush of Fall and the holidays are over when Labor Day has kicked off Football, which has run into Keeneland, which has raced into Halloween, which has walked incognito into Thanksgiving, which has eaten its way through party after party into Christmas and slid into New Year’s Eve. Whew! You have shopped and cooked and shopped and cooked until everyone you ever knew has been entertained. Now that January has arrived, it is time to look inward and think of something you can do to peacefully entertain yourself. Here are a few quiet possibilities.
Become Computer SAAVY
Every level of computer classes from how to turn on a computer to digital arts are being offered at the Lexington Public Library, 140 East Main Street. These classes are being held Monday through Thursday in the Computer Center on the fourth floor of the Main Library as well at the branches. There is no charge for the classes. Call 859.231.5500 for scheduling.
Interested in becoming a photo bug?
Some of the best photography classes are available in the solitude of your own living room online! is a source for free classes in photography and video taught by some of the world’s top instructors. Learn posing, lighting, portraits, etc. This site will appeal to any skill level.
Learn to turn a blank canvas into a needlepoint work of art
Interested? Let Meredith Willett, owner of M’s Canvashouse help you select and begin a project. If you think you don’t have the patience, Meredith says that many of the best needlepoint projects have been completed by someone uttering those exact comments. It’s not your Grandmother’s needlepoint anymore. There are many new threads and techniques. Even guys are becoming outstanding stitchers. It has been proven stitching will reduce your blood pressure! 
To find a class where you can begin a project or just check out what’s going on in the needlepoint world, visit
Growing a fascinating interest
The seed catalogs abound and their appeal is astounding. Learning how to map out these precious seeds needs in your garden needs a plan. Which seeds grow well together and which seeds do not. How do you place the taller plants in your space so they will not overshadow a tiny little friend trying to grow in the corner? Raised plant beds are easy to set up as well making the best use of your space. In addition, workshops are offered at Wilson Nurseries in Frankfort 502.223.1488. This is a perfect time to fill your house with nature growing in its own little home—a Terrarium. A Miniature Garden workshop will capture your interest and could provide an ongoing collection for inside now with more outside later. Wilson’s offers a Birding Workshop which provides a lifetime hobby. Learn how and what to feed different species. Watching and identifying birds can be of interest wherever you travel. To learn more about the workshops and how to sign up, visit
Yes, you can or will be able to paint
When January nights grow longer, painting could be your newest pastime. To accomplish this, contact Cissy Hamilton or Barbara Bromley at Artist’s Attic 859.254.5501, [email protected] They will assist in finding the perfect route to becoming the next Monet.
January, which once was a long, dreary month can now become a month of learning and enjoying your new area of interest. Never be bored in January again!

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