By Jim Blancet
If you watched the Super Bowl on Sunday, you were (of course) not alone. About 115 million Americans joined you. But what you may not have realized is that before the game took place, the FAA issued a directive that banned drone flights in and around Phoenix Stadium for most of the day on Sunday.
So if you needed any more proof that drones are starting to get a lot of attention, look no further. Drones have actually been a very hot topic with the FAA of late, as they have been with recreational enthusiasts, as well. And as we have made clear in this blog in the past, the trick is going to be getting the balance right between fostering the industry and maintaining safety standards as everyone adapts.
Right now the FAA is attempting to rein in companies and individuals who are operating drones with a certain willful ignorance of the law by doing a better job at publicizing regulations throughout the country. One helpful aspect is that the industries actively utilizing drones at this time are somewhat limited. Think filmmakers, aerial photographers, and those concerned with land/real estate issues.
Over time, these issues will be worked out, and the commercial potential will put pressure on the FAA not to regulate the industry out of existence. For example, requiring a pilot’s license would set back drone use pretty sharply, so one key will be finding a way to maintain safe air space where necessary, while still allowing the hobbyists to explore.
At SIO, we’re keeping our eyes on new developments in this and other industries so that we may continue to stay ahead of the technological curve and provide our customers that fresh edge that is so elusive in the ever-changing tech market. Stick with SIO—we’ll have some fun and create some new efficient data strategies for you, as well!

Posted on 2015-02-03 by