By Elizabeth Adams
As a father of two, doctor and entrepreneur, Mullins needed a functional home for raising a family and conducting business. But as a frequent entertainer who has an appreciation for aesthetics, Mullins insisted on fine interior details and vast areas for leisure and outdoor fun. Mullins achieved a highly customized home that diverges from a predictable layout and traditional order. Mullins’ intricate home contains cozy compartments for privacy, breathable spaces for entertaining, and, perhaps the highlight of the property, a multi-level infinity pool deck to rival that of any posh resort. 
According to listing agent, Gary Sabad, unorthodox features, like a visible wine cellar and glass-encased sunroom, add to the distinctive personality of this marvelously designed home. The homeowner worked with architects to use the property’s natural elevation to add to the drama, privacy and intricacy of the layout. Gail Moses with Regency Interiors by Gail Moses worked with Mullins to coordinate stunning furnishings and glimmering interior details reflective of Old World Europe. Sabad said this resulted in spaces that are pretty to look at, but also practical, livable and family friendly. 
“He made numerous subtle changes that changed the whole feeling of the house,” Sabad said of Mullins. “John is an intelligent, sharp person who knows what he wants.” 
The home sits majestically at the peak of a hill in a quiet corner of the neighborhood. Approaching through an opening in a curved perimeter wall, I follow a brick-paved path up the center stairway and to the high-risen front entrance of the home. A pair of wood doors open to a formal foyer exposing a network of stairwells rising to half levels and then higher to the upper levels, which are reserved for master and children’s bedrooms.

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