By Jim Blancet

I suppose I’m willing to concede that drones are best suited to outdoor applications. (Having said that, it’s awfully tempting to explore the indoor possibilities. Haha.)
But as we remain in still the infant stages of drone technology and regulation, it’s worth noting that the great outdoors remain especially fertile grounds for drone testing. Once you leave the city and all its buildings and wires everywhere, drones become quite a bit easier to use.
Companies have been picking up on this and flying drones over their land for commercial purposes. Suppose you own even a modest amount of land. Imagine just how much new information you could find out about your property just from one camera-equipped drone flight.
Scientists have been doing the same, capturing data for their research projects. It turns out that drones are fantastic at spying on the nest habits of endangered birds, as well as scaring away some animals that are viewed as invasive to native species. Plus, drones help scientists count animals and track their migration habits, as well.
How far away are we at SIO from flying a drone to your place of business to pick up and drop off data, hardware, and physical backups? Hmmm … all I know is the future is always a lot closer than we think, especially when you keep up with the latest technologies. Can’t wait to see how drone usage evolves!

Posted on 2015-02-25 by