When Sally Wilkinson relocated from her three-bedroom ranch in Chevy Chase to a 3,000 square foot townhome in Ellerslie, she knew she wanted to retain the unique, charming details of the Chevy Chase homes, but skip the challenges that often accompany a historic property. Her bright, tasteful space is truly the best of both worlds. “I had lived on Indian Mound since I was about five years old,” Sally said. “The house needed a lot of work. New windows, a bathroom remodel, and of course, the never-ending yard work. So when I saw the high ceilings and opportunity to custom-build at Ellerslie, I got very excited.” 
Ed Botkin of Petra Designs worked with Sally from the initial construction to the final touches to create a space that expresses her eclectic personal style. “Sally was interested in lots of closet space, updated fixtures, and energy-efficient heating and cooling, but not necessarily the upkeep of an older house,” Ed explained. “With this place, she can lock it up and go visit her son in Chicago without giving it another thought.” 
The builder, Commonwealth Designs, assisted Sally in creating a customized space to suit her needs. She selected the millwork, color palette, distressed wood flooring, granite countertops, and several aspects of the floor plan. Ed helped her relocate and arrange most of the furniture from her Chevy Chase residence into her new home. When asked about her reaction to the moving process, Ed said, “Oh, she had a blast. She loved picking everything out and de-cluttering. Most buyers do. By the end of the process, they feel like family.”

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