As the owner of Byer Builders, Jon Byer has plenty of experience in creating custom floor plans that are both eye-catching and functional. He lives in a home of his own design with his wife Michele and their two children—Jack and Reagan, ages 8 and 12. “We’ve lived in large homes, small homes, and everything in between, so this is a great fit for us,” he said. You get a lot of features that you find in more expensive properties.” Their home in Hamburg’s Summerfield subdivision is a classic example of a livable, family-friendly space that does not skimp on artistic touches. 
“Michele grew up in the Ashland/Henry Clay area and has always wanted an older home. But as a builder, I just couldn’t do that,” Jon explained. However, the couple has reached a happy medium by creating a space with lots of character, creativity, and rustic elements. “I’d describe our style as eclectic farmhouse,” Michele said. “I’ve always been inspired by the New England and Low Country look – carriage lighting, distressed wood, antique hardware.” Indeed, the two seem to be a great design team. The fusion of their styles is apparent throughout the 2,550 square foot home.

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