It is definitely a great year to be a basketball fan in the Bluegrass! If you cheer for either the blue or the red team, you have reason to celebrate this season. Even if you are not attending the games, you can watch the games in style. This March Madness, show your team spirit with a fun basketball themed Viewing Party. Get your game face on and get ready to cheer on your team with these tips!
Set up Fun Basketball Décor
First things first. Make sure you have a comfortable way for guests to view the game. If you’ll be hosting a big party, you may want to have at least two separate rooms where guests can watch TV. Also, if you have invited kids to the party who won’t be interested in the game, set up a separate space where they can play or watch a movie. 
To decorate for the party, borrow items from your home décor. Kentucky themed posters, artwork and prints are popular home décor items that can be used to decorate the party room. Look to see if you have any plates, napkins, or serving dishes in team colors. Also, consider borrowing basketballs, team pennants, jerseys, and goals from your kid’s rooms to decorate. 
You can also incorporate basketball themed items in any party paper goods, such as invitations, napkins, and food labels. You could decorate your food table with an inexpensive basketball court table runner, by spreading out a roll of craft paper onto the table. Draw a simple basketball court on the paper by making a half court line, three point line, and free throw lane. Encourage guests to draw up their own plays on the tablecloth during the party. 
Buzzer Beater Party Food
Self-serve foods, such as a Taco Bar or a Soup Bar, are the perfect choice for a basketball viewing party. You can prepare the main dish in a slow cooker beforehand and leave it out when guests arrive. Toppings can also be set out before the game. Guests can fix their meal during commercial breaks or halftime, so they don’t miss any of the action. Also remember to serve plenty of snack foods, like chips and dips. 
For dessert, basketball themed items or mini-desserts in team colors will be a big hit. Purchase nonpareils or sprinkles in team colors. Then you can decorate store bought desserts with your team’s colors. Use basketball cupcake toppers or mini flags on cupcakes or other desserts. 
Other team inspired foods and drinks, such as regional foods, will score extra points. Menu items like Kentucky Burgoo and Kentucky Hot Brown dip are good choices for Kentucky teams. For drinks, consider purchasing items from local breweries and distilleries. 
Blow Out Basketball Activities
Of course, the big game will be the main event. However, if you have guests that are not interested in the game or if your team is winning in a complete blowout, plan a few other boredom busting activities. Print out our March Madness Smackdown questionnaire on the TOPS website for guests to fill out before the game.  Basketball goals, either outdoors or indoors, and basketball games, such as a Pop-a-Shot game will also help to keep guests busy in event of a boring game. 
Enjoy a winning party and hopefully your team will be the champions this year!
Download your free printable party questions here!

Posted on 2015-03-03 by Deanna Talwalker