The wedding cake is the second favorite thing for a bride to choose, right behind her wedding dress. Cake designs vary wildly, and if you can dream it, a good baker can create it for your event. But as with everything, cake designs come in and out of vogue, so before starting our look at wedding cakes, let’s take a look back. 
A Quick History of the Wedding Cake 
We see wedding cakes dating back to Ancient Rome, where a wheat and barley cake was broken over the head of the bride as a symbol of good fortune. Even in Medieval England, spiced sweet buns were piled as high as possible, and the bride and groom were challenged to kiss over top of the tall stack, which meant a lifetime of prosperity. In 17th century England it became wedding mince pies, with a glass ring built in. The woman who found the ring was the next to wed. The wedding cake as we know it showed up in Victorian England. Your cake is much more than dessert; it is making you a part of history’s long traditions.  
The Wedding Cake Make-Under—The Naked Cake
Out with the old, in with the new. The newly popular Naked Cake takes the fuss out of the cake by not adding the exterior layer of frosting and works so well with popular rustic, burlap-inspired wedding themes. 
The focus instead is on the texture and richness of the cake itself; different flavors of cake layers, the decadent thick interior frosting and fruit layers, and hinting at the flavorful liquors that are laced into the layers of cake. It leaves nothing to the imagination and makes your mouth actually water in anticipation. A nice finish is a light dusting of powdered sugar, drizzles of dulce de leche or chocolate, or the very faintest smear of frosting. Yum! 
Be Careful When Going Naked
Make sure you see photos of Naked Cakes that your baker has made for other brides. There are a couple danger areas you can get into, but if your baker knows what he is doing, you are good to go. Without the outside bonding layer of icing, some brides have experienced a slide of the layers, with a Leaning Tower of Pisa effect. Great for flavor, bad for photos. Also, make sure layers aren’t so thin they look like pancakes, or if they are, that the cakes edges are sculpted for a consistent look. Naked Cakes tend to dry out more quickly, so don’t display the cake for over 3-4 hours, and have it made and delivered at the last possible moment. 
Your guests will love whatever you choose
Every bride is different. Some are all about the look of the cake, and others are all about the taste. In this area we are so lucky to have some truly marvelous bakeries, so Bluegrass brides can have both!


Posted on 2015-03-04 by Marsha Koller