By Jim Blancet
Let’s face it: while Mozy may indeed offer online backup, cloud backup, and data backup, with offices in (among other places) Shanghai, China, it does lack a bit of the local touch, doesn’t it? Okay, so the closest office to central KY is in Utah (and not China), but that still lacks a bit of the local feel, don’t you think?
But local only counts for so much in tech. If you lack the experience, hardware, and knowledge, you can’t offer a reliable alternative to the outsiders like Mozy. That’s exactly why our clients love us.
At SIO, we have years of proven results and satisfied customers to underscore our commitment to great service. We take the latest technology and put it in the hands of local businesses with a personal face-to-face approach that improves efficiency, implementation, and data retrieval speed.
Plus, we assess each business individually and design plans based on real needs that can scale as needed. That way, our clients aren’t paying for extra services they don’t need or for the general overhead demanded by a large company. Get the service you deserve—choose SIO for all your data backup needs!


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